Noida Sector 41- Election Time Again

It was election time again for the RWA of Sector 41 Noida. Community Centre presented a festival like scene on last Sunday. Two panels of contestants again fought the election.
The incumbents have held the office since last three terms. The challenging new panel talked of a change with no manifesto of work. The incumbents listed its performance, According to them, neither in past anyone has done what they did during their tenure nor any one can do that ever. However, even the incumbents didn’t talk of any new plans. With many years in office, naturally complacency sets in. They are running out of new ideas. Exactly for this perhaps, a change might have brought some new benefits for the residents.

Change is always with at least an expectation for better. In West Bengal, none other than the leftists have own election in last 30 years and more. Has it been the best for the people of the state? Is it the best state? West Bengal with all continuity of rulers remains a laggard state. Kerala changes its rulers in every election; it is one of the best states on human development index. The other developed states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu also keep on changing the ruling party. In Bihar, Lalu ran for three terms and wished to run the government forever, and finally created such a mess that the people threw him out. And surprisingly it hurt his ego and perhaps that is the reason behind his providing the best performance in the cabinet today. The democracy never vouches for one party rule. Even in our constitution, for some of the position such as the head of the state, no one can hold the office for more than a term. In US, the president can go for two terms.

The incumbents appeared to be more resourceful. They put on costly visible, attractive posters. Their leaflets were better done. They appeared to be more professional in fighting election too. Both the sides used SMSs for campaigning. I wish next time it will be more digital using video-sharing websites such as YouTube to further their campaigns.

As it appeared, the new panel made up its mind pretty late in the election process and started hesitatingly. The leader was again an old retired person lacking the shrewdness and zeal to win. The three past presidents came out and appealed for the change. I feel their appeal went against the new panel. Some favouring the incumbent group also circulated an appeal signed by residents and pleaded that the known group is better than the new group, as it has consistently performed well. So the residents must vote for the incumbents.

And finally the incumbents won. Many talk many things about some unscrupulous means used to win the election, but it always happens for those in chair. I think it was a win of a good younger and manipulative leader, just as a good leader won the IPL final for a poorly rated team.

Many and me too have some views on this election.
1.Individuals should fight the election. The panel breeds animosity.
2.The president must have a small advisory group of knowledgeable persons in the sector for generating ideas that can benefit the residents. For instance, the sector must have a good library and reading room with separate provision for kids. A tie-up with one of the DTH services can be negotiated for cheaper services for the residents. Some competition must be brought in between the blocks to improve overall cleanliness and aesthetic aspect. There are many things that if implemented, can improve the quality of life and togetherness.
3.No one should go in election fray after remaining in office for two consecutive years. It should be voluntarily done to avoid malice and give opportunity to others till the constitution doesn’t provide it.
4.Alternatively, a concept followed in many institutions where the incumbent vice-president gets the president-ship and the incumbent secretary moves up as the vice-president in following years, can be thought of and adopted to avoid the malice between the panels.

Lastly, I have a question for the residents of sector 41. Will the residents like to live with the same executive panel forever? I feel the answer must not be ‘yes’, as it will be perpetuating a new definition of democracy- ‘by the few, of the few, and for the few’.

Finally, hearty congratulations to the winners with an expectation that they will carry out the task of better service to the residents!

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