Noida Authority and Residents’ Welfare

Time and again, I have been using media to reach Noida Authority (NA) with a single appeal: Whenever NA initiates a project for the benefits of the residents of a sector/ block, it must inform the residents about it through RWA and take their suggestions in consideration before designing and implementing it. Am I unjustified in my appeal and expectation? This is the way even corporate are trying to manage big operations today.

When it is not done, the residents come to know about the project when a work gets started by the contractor. As all the processes of tendering and its allocation are over, the vested group of beneficiaries- the contractor or the sanctioning officer takes any suggestion from the residents as encroachment on its authority. Even the suggestion that can save a lot of taxpayer’s money gets discarded. It doesn’t only create inconvenience but also cause heartburns to the residents. One finds completely helpless with such an administration.

It has happened in case of the costly boundary wall built in front of Block A &B of sector 41, with the service lanes created on both sides along the main road connecting Chaura Mor to Dadri Road, and with many cases.

New drain under construction on service road side. All trees will die after the construction.

recently constructed drain

One another such construction works in name of a drain along the service lanes in the front of the houses of Block A and B of Sector 41is in progress. When we came to know of it, we tried to find out from the general secretary of RWA of sector 41 if he knew about it. He did not know about the project. We called the assistant project engineer and explained that as one big drain has already been laid along the boundary wall, few holes in the wall from the side of service lane will be sufficient to take away the rainwater. He promised to talk to his senior, but said that as the tender is through nothing much would happen. As Mr. YP Singh was also of my view, he drafted a letter for CEO, Noida Authority and I e-mailed the following letter to ceo, aceo, and dceo:

Subject: Construction of a drain in Block A of Sector 41 facing road separating sector 39 and 41

It is submitted that Noida authority intends to construct a drain on the service road of Block A and B. The digging work is in progress. It appears that while planning and preparing the layout of this drain the concerned officer/s didn’t take into consideration the location of the water pipe which supplies water to the houses along the service road (say, A-59 and A-44). It appears that this dirty water drain would be constructed over the water pipe with the result that in future, if any new construction from the water pipe is required or any work of repair on the water pipe is to be carried out, that would be difficult and costlier. In future such works would be possible only after breaking this dirty water drain. It would be troublesome for the water and sewer department and finally would be inconvenient to the residents also. We do not oppose the drain but the big size of the drain as contemplated involves a wasteful expenditure. A side drain has already been constructed on the other side of the wall and the rainwater of the service lane can be drained easily through few holes through the boundary wall, which has been constructed recently.

It is requested that kindly examine this project and save us from the harassment likely to be caused by the construction of the drain, which is not required at all. What we have suggested is not something new. Noida authority is draining rainwater in the suggested fashion only in Block B of sector 41 on the western side.

And subsequently we sent another reminder mail.

With reference to our earlier representation and appeal, please take some urgent action as the digging is continuing for the drain along the wall in front of our houses A-44 to A-59. We again affirm that this is an unwanted project. Creating few holes in the main drain already constructed (though not completed in all respect) can take care of the drainage of rainwater. Further, Sir, it has already damaged the waterline. The problem in future will be accentuated. It will also kill some plants and trees that will come on its way that is highly undesirable for your mission of ‘Green Noida’. Sir, please urgently order the department concerned to stop the work.

Noida Authority didn’t respond as usual. Why should it have all these e-mail addresses and claims of handling grievances and taking suggestions digitally? And a Rs. 16 lakh project drain is under construction. Noida Authority has thus constructed two mosquito-breeding drains in front of our residences wasting almost more than Rs fifty lakhs. It has only helped the contractors and some officers in making some more money for them. Interestingly, the present design will not drain the rain water, if the road slope is not modified.

How long Noida Authority and similar government agencies will keep on taking up and doing anti-people projects and call it as a welfare of the people without taking any suggestions from them or by creating inconveniences to the residents?

Noida Authority is a rich agency and sells a single plot at Rs 5000 crore or more. Why can’t it have its own power plants and ensure a 24X7 power supply or its own commercial RO water plant and ensure safe drinking water or its million or more population? But the residents doubt if NA is working for the people here. As many feel, it works for Mayawati or Mulayam.

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