Parshurama-Some Thoughts and Views

We went to an unusual anniversary of Parshurama– the sixth incarnation of Vishnu as per Hindu scriptures. Normally, we hardly move out these days, but it was Ranjan, who was so insisting that I couldn’t but take the risk of driving even in the night. As usual before going to the function I had looked into google know about Parshurama. I came to know many stories that I didn’t know.

I wonder why Parshurama couldn’t get the same religious prominence that Rama and Krishna got. I belief, it is because he couldn’t get some Valmiki, Vyas or Tulsidas. Unfortunately, many Parshuramas are destined the same fate even today.

I adore Bhagwan Parshuram since my early school days. My grandfather had a hand-written Radheshyam Ramayan. It contained a beautifully narrated episode on Lakshman-Parshurama sambaad. We memorized that and used to recite to impress the guests coming to our place. I loved the way Parshurama appears in Tulsidas’s Ram CharitManas too that I keep on reading as regular religious ritual. Parshurama appears in Ramacharitmanas in the palace of Janaka. The coward kings in the Janaka’s palace started conniving to battle with Rama and take away Sita, after Rama successfully broke the bow of Shiva that those kings failed. It was the same deficiency that made Parshuram won the kings of the marshal caste as they had become coward and incapable of ruling the earth in right manner. As the story goes, Parshurama gave away the won over kingdoms to Brahmins.

When Parshuram appears, Janaka tells him about the Siva bow’s story and how he had vowed to marry Sita with one who could break the bow. When Parshurama hears this, he shows his extreme anger for whosoever has done that. Rama keeps his cool. Parshurama comes to know that the next incarnation has happened. It is Rama. However, he wants to double-check it and gives his own bow for pulling the string. Rama does that easily. Parshurama bows and leaves the scene for Rama. How many do that sort of handing over to the right person with no bias today? It is a good example of right management practices where the power gets handed over to the best man rather than one of own clan or caste.

Parshuram has been considered immortal in Hindu scriptures. Mahabharata narrates the incident when Karna goes to learn from him some divine weapon that Parshurama only knew.

However, till today, I haven’t been able to digest the killing of his mother whatever might have been the reason. How can a son and that too a good son can kill a mother?

I only go by learning and emulating the good deeds from our ancestors.

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