Not A Bad Dream

I love to read Vir Sanghvi’s viewpoints on the national issues. This Sunday he has created a political scenario of India. Can the third front be a reality with Prakash Karat’s conditionality expressed in a rally in Lucknow? Vir writes what happens if it didn’t materialize.

“On the broader thrust of economic policy, there’s virtually no difference between the Congress and the BJP at all. Both parties believe in liberalization. Both are committed to as much privatization as they can get away with. Both regard globalization as inevitable… All that the Congress and the BJP differ on are matters of implementation and personality. But none of this amounts to much more than the normal bear-baiting between the government and the Opposition. On matters of principle and ideology, the differences are so small as to be minimal.”

“Are we heading towards a situation where there will be two ideologically-identical national parties, one anachronistic, communist behemoth and a host of identity-driven smaller parties?

And we will know that Third Front is an impossible dream.”

However, with all the similarity in Congress and BJP, there is one big difference. Congress can effectively function only if someone from Nehru- Gandhi (not Mahatma but Feroze Gandhi) clan leads it. Unfortunately, the model of nomination such as Manmohan Singh has not functioned effectively, nor is being perceived right for a democracy. I wish Rahul succeeds in bringing real internal democracy in the Congress and gives the young men and women of the party the right role that they can play in the development of the country.

I wish these two alliances that has already run the last two governments quite successfully continued. However, the merger of the other regional and casteist parties with either of the major parties, Congress or BJP would have been in national interests. With BJP no more so close to RSS ideology, many of its earlier allies can join it. Nitish Kumar or Mamta are in allusions that keeping distance from BJP can help in forming an effective government in their states.

The biggest problem is from ideology-based leftists. If they remain in the alliance, one can’t dream of any reform that is absolutely necessary. For instance, organized retail sector can’t grow; SEZs can’t come up; PDS can’t be streamlined. Unfortunately, the leftists have failed to set an example of better governance as China has done in the two states under them from many decades. Leftists unless they join the government must not be taken into any alliance.

May be one day BJP and Congress will join hands to form a nationalist government in the interest of the people of the country.

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