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Booming and Bubbling India-XXX

I enjoyed writing this series every week. However, as the charm of everything fades, I feel like discontinuing the series with this last entry, though I feel bad about. I had some great expectations from the trio PM, FM, and … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Sector and Education

Years ago, the children of my acquaintances used to ask my opinion about the preferred branch of engineering to be pursued. Though I graduated in mechanical engineering, I had dedicated myself for manufacturing. I enjoyed manufacturing, tried to learn it … Continue reading

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I was stunned perhaps more morose the other day. I heard a group of successful students of IIT, Delhi on a TV channel programme that was meant for those who had succeeded rather topped the recent CAT examination for getting … Continue reading

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Globalizing India Inc.

If I say so, the acquisitions of companies abroad have become a fad for the Indian enterprises. While Tata Corus created a history, many of the business houses are finding this inorganic means of growth a cheaper and less troublesome … Continue reading

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Million Mysteries Lying Undiscovered

As reported, ‘from under the ruins of an ancient fort on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, archaeologists have dug out the remains of a 2,500-year-old “huge” city which they believe was bigger than classical Athens.’ Remnants include 18 pillars that were … Continue reading

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Collaborating Arundhati and Outlook

‘Outlook’, February 4, issue has a cover story ‘Listening to Grasshoppers- Genocide, Denial and Celebration’ by Arundhati Roy. It is an abridged version of her lecture delivered in Istanbul on January 18, 2008. As usual, I got the copy of … Continue reading

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Indian Education System- Traditional vs. New Approach

My primary education was very much non-traditional. It got divided between my village school and Birlapur, a small factory town near Kolkata. Fortunately, I didn’t undergo the rigour of rote learning; particularly of tables that were the way the teachers … Continue reading

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