Shocking India

Many a times we all must be feeling ashamed of what gets on repeating in this country. Last evening when we switched the cable to watch the news, we got shocks after shocks.
In our own country, one is not safe. Bachhan family in Jaipur confabulates if they proceed to their home in Mumbai. Sania Mirza decides for not playing in India.

Can anyone think of Amitabh Bachhan’s house in Mumbai getting attacked, as he is building a school in UP or because he worked as a brand manager for UP, or more so because he worked in a Bhojpuri film? What a great service is being done by the followers or more correctly the goons of Raj Thakre by attacking a street vendor earning few rupees a day or by damaging a taxi, as the vendor or the driver was assumed as one from UP or Bihar? Is it a secular India when Raj where seems to be educated talks against a festival that is there since Vedic days? Why should he be not behind bar? Why have not Bal or Udhav Thakre appealed the local people to stop the vandalism?

And then comes the shocking news of kidney racket and its added information that shakes me. How much money one needs? Can one go down to such a level for money making? Since last few days, all the print and digital media are full of the depth and breadth of this news in which not only the doctors but also all the big hospitals are involved.

The news from Patan, Gujarat came as the final blow. Our respectable teaching community or some black sheep are not sparing even the girls in teen to satisfy their beastly lust.

Can any Maharashtrian feel proud of what is happening in Mumbai? Can any Haryanavi be proud of the doctors of kidney racket? Can any Gujarati take pride in the acts of the teachers of Patan?

Unfortunately, nothing happens to the real culprit. FIRs are filed. Media remains vocal for few days. Few local people agitate. And more unfortunately, the community as whole hardly bothers. It must come out, punish them and if not anything, boycott such people. Is this the democracy or the centuries old culture of the country that we pride in?

And I finally handed over the remote to Yamuna to enjoy her silly serials.

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