CMs of UP and Bihar! Are you listening?

Media organized many debates on its channels. People in general were critical of Raj Thackeray and also his cousin now. But many raised a question, why should the CMs of the states not create jobs for their men? With employment being acute in all states, the people of Bihar and UP will no more be welcome in the other states where they used to migrate for livelihood.

I myself tried to look back and think over on the subject and the efforts made by the political leaders of the states. Except for blaming the central government or opposition parties, the people in power did only amass wealth or did everything right or wrong to please their sycophants party men or the so-called vote bank. They completely neglected to work out a strategy for creating jobs for teeming millions of unemployed youths joining the workforce every year.

It is surprising that a bigger percentage of the young men and even girls from Bihar and UP are manning even the tech industry in South. Last year, three of the children-one girl and two boys, of my relatives (naturally from Bihar) graduated in engineering from three different private colleges from West Bengal have got jobs in South. Is it so difficult to create an environment and provide infrastructure to have the IT and ITeS set up units in Bihar? Did the CMs make an effort and failed to attract the industrialists? The ruling class in UP has totally neglected eastern region. With IITs at Kanpur, and Varanasi and other institutes, UP could have created an IT sector in around Kanpur, Lucknow and Varanasi. Thanks to the proximity with New Delhi and other national capital region townships, a number of IT companies are located in Noida. I don’t know if the CMs of the states, be it Kalyan, Mayawati or Mulayam in UP, Lalu, Rabari, and even Nitish have any knowledge and understanding about the sector and its potential to create an employment base for educated youths. Perhaps, they know only about the ‘sarkari’ jobs of police, teachers and clerks in government that can bulge their coffers. Many a time, I feel like they must learn about the IT’s role from their children (at least Mulayam, Nitish and Lalu), if they can.

Even with all the humiliations that the people of the state are facing in Assam, Maharashtra and may be soon everywhere in the country, they will hardly wake up. I wish the CMs of Bihar and UP could sit with some of the teachers of NIT, Patna and IIT, Kanpur or some state conscious intellectuals working in different states or abroad, however not the sycophants to find some solutions to the unemployment.

I appeal to the CMs of Bihar and UP to read the lead article- ‘The Bhaiyya Effect’ written by Vir Sanghvi in Hindustan Times Sunday, February 24. I quote few sentences for all who matter in the state of Bihar and if they can listen:

Once, Bihar was India’s best-administered state (do not laugh: an international study came to this conclusion in the 1950s); now, it is seen as a wasteland.
The net state domestic product of Bihar was Rs 51,194 crore in 2004-05. In contrast, the state domestic product of Maharashtra was Rs 3,28,451 crore, over six times the figure for Bihar. Even poor, backward Orissa did better than Bihar at Rs 52,240 crore.
The contrast is more striking when you look at per capita figures. In 1993-94, the per capita domestic product of Bihar was Rs 3,037. Eleven years later, in 2004-05, that figure had gone up to Rs 5,772 which, when you adjust for inflation, probably means that income hardly went up at all, and may even have gone down.
Now, look at the figures for other states. In 1993-94, Maharashtra’s per capita domestic product was Rs 12,183 – already four times the figure for Bihar. By 2004-05, it had gone up to Rs 32,170, nearly six times the figure for Bihar.
Uttar Pradesh has fared a little better. In 1993-94, its per capita income was Rs 5,066. In 2004-05, it went up to Rs 11,477 (largely on the basis of Noida, but that’s another story). This makes it better off than Bihar but still worse off than every other Indian state.
As far as the rest of India is concerned, Bihar has become a wasteland run by mafia dons who are pursued by Naxalites. The rule of law does not exist, and politics is largely a question of caste.

I request the CMs to work for providing skills to every young men and creating employment instead of putting forward the excuses. If Bihar could have a Dalmianagar (almost ghost town today), the second largest industrial township to Jamshedpur in 50s and 60s, why can’t it happen today? Hazipur, Barauni, Mokama, Barh, Jamalpur, all can get on the industrial map of Bihar. If Maharashtra can become a hub of sugar industry, why can’t Bihar be one? With co-generation, and ethanol, the sugar industry can easily transform a major part of Bihar as prosperous. If Jawahar Knowledge Centre in Andhra Pradesh can bring a revolution in rural area, why can’t Bihar emulate that? If Andhra can have 200 professional colleges, why can’t Bihar have it? Why can’t the engineer CM of Bihar initiate an action plan for irrigation in draught prone north Bihar instead of blaming his predecessors? It will be prudent for Nitish to cooperate with the central ministers to get NREG and Bharat Nirman executed that will provide employment to the people of Bihar.

It is a shame that the legislators wish to solve the problem in Maharashtra by embarrassing and humiliating Bihar’s Maharashtrian Governor Gavai. They thereby are only encouraging the mob for taking the law in their own hands and create what happened in Hazipur.

It is only the politicians of the state of UP and Bihar who have failed its people. Let the politicians of the state listen the warning in time and change themselves.

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