Booming and Blooming India-XXVII

My laptop crashed at 4 AM yesterday, while I was working for this entry. My desktop was inoperative since quite sometime. I got a shock, as I hardly knew anything why it happened. I was morose and thought I must get off for few days from doing this task so religiously every day. But it was difficult to even think of a life without browsing through the information that is changing every minute.

Being a Sunday, I was not very hopeful if something will happen so fast. But it happened.

I called Girish to wish him a happy Diwali and to complain why he didn’t call me to join the kids in firework last night. But then I enquired if he knew anyone who could help me in restoring my laptop. Girish told me about Neeraj who runs a cyber café in nearby market. I went there at 10.30AM and asked for the service. Neeraj responded well but he couldn’t come immediately as there was no one to look after the café. But he did come and took away the laptop to reload the operating system. By 4.30 PM, he sent the laptop and also confirmed that the hardware part is fine and I needn’t worry. Neeraj has sent that through a boy of 18 who works for him. The boy was quite conversant with computer systems. He has just read up to class X. I wish he could have further schooling.

But I couldn’t use my laptop for Internet, as the laptop required some reconfiguration Airtel, according to the boy that came from Neeraj’s shop. I called Airtel call center. The boy on the other side promised to get it done in next 48 hours by its service engineer, as I was not ready to do that myself on instruction on line. However, by 6.30 PM I got a call from the young man who came to fix up the Airtel part. My laptop was ready to allow me an access to the world of knowledge. Anand did rest, when he came on line at around 9.30PM, as I had informed Shannon about the developments.

Is the story not good enough a proof of booming and bubbling India?

PS I shall continue with the series again by next week.

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