Will Caste Keep on Dividing?

Last week has been terrible because of the news of the social evils. In Kolkata, a young woman had to lose her husband, as he was poorer and of different faith. Her industrialist father got her husband eliminated with help of the police chief. Even if the husband committed suicide, it was due to the mental agony he had to undergo because of police pressure and threat.

The news of conviction of Bihar’s politicians attached with the killing of Gopalganj DM, G. Krishnaih provided some hope. However, the politicians of Bihar live on the caste fodder. How long it will go on? The news of George Fernandes visiting the convicted politician in jail to lend his support was just disgusting: ‘Thakurs bosses from parties ranging from JD (U), to BJP and LJP accompanied Fernanades including one independent MLC.’ Why can’t the politicians and caste biggies fight the legal battle with evidences and appeals in higher courts rather than showing their affinity and affection for the caste of the convict by massive support in courtroom or visiting jail showing their might? And then why can’t Fernandes retire and leave Bihar to its people? Did he ever visited Mrs. G. Krishnaih and her daughters or did he provide any assistance to see that the family could have a respectful living once her husband and the father of the kids was murdered? Why should Fernandes keep on taking the people of Bihar for granted to support him for all silly things that he had been famous for since the days he banished IBM and Coco Cola? Like all other politicians of the state, Fernandes also have hardly done anything for the benefits of the people of Bihar who kept on electing him though he was an alien. I wish he had shown some magnanimity and kept Nitish out of his criticism. Are Lalu and Ram Vilash not good enough to do that?

I do also have some sympathy for the convicted couple. After all they are from respectable family background. I feel really hurt when such persons leave behind some real bad examples for the other young men and women of the state. The convicted leader alone could have certainly persuaded and stopped the mob because of his leadership quality from lynching Krishnaih for no fault of his own except that he was a government officer.

People of Bihar are feeling proud that Bihar is becoming the first state that has come out heavily on the politicians who are criminals too in real life. The court verdict if anything has provided a landmark. Fast Track court is doing fine job. It must go on like that till the law and order is restored and people of Bihar as well the investors feel confident of a peaceful living in Bihar. No rally or political gimmickry of Ram Vilash, Lalu, or George should slow the process. Bihar needs ruthless handling aiming for having no place for criminals in public life, be it Sunil Pandey, Chandrabhan, Shukla or Pappu or Sahabuddin. They must be behind bar or in the other world.

Let the lords of the land be humble and forget for ever the feudal habits and practices. Let the law and order prevail at all cost. Let the caste system die forever and a new order be born and get established fast for a lasting peace and prosperity in Bihar.

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