‘Gandhi- My Father’

We don’t go to movies very often. Years ago, it was because Noida didn’t have any good cinema hall. A godown-like hall was there, but even that was not air-conditioned for hot summer of Noida. I used to promise Yamuna, “Let a good cinema hall get built, we shall be going for a movie at least once a week.” What a great change has come in Noida! There are already two multiplexes with 6 and 8 screens. Another, the bigger one will become operative soon. The ambience in these multiplexes is excellent. One can spend a wonderful evening, if not the whole day, in shopping and eating out with family.

Since last two weeks, we were thinking to see ‘Gandhi-My Father’ or ‘Chak De India’. So we couldn’t refuse Aroras, when they came for a movie on last Saturday (It is difficult to get tickets on Saturdays). We failed to get tickets in any of the two multiplexes. On Monday, we were with Sirohis. Yamuna proposed to go for movie, particularly ‘Chak De India’ next day. Tuesday being Rakshabandhan, we found Sirohis busy with the social engagements. Both have number of brothers and sisters living in vicinity. They couldn’t accompany us, and promised to come along on Wednesday. However, we decided to go for ‘Gandhi- My Father’ on our own. Sirohis might not have liked the movie. And on Wednesday we might as well go for ‘Chak De India’ with them if they approached again. Priyanka, Yamuna’s aid had also taken an off. And all this made us see ‘Gandhi-My Father’. We went for 5.30PM show and luckily got the right seats.

Surprisingly, the hall had a good crowd unlike we had experienced with other movies that were better rated. I felt excited and happy. Gandhi still remains relevant in our country. The film is well made. The issues raised are highly emotional. The relation of a father and son is very divine that also if the son happens to be the eldest. As a parent, both of us, Yamuna, and myself have experienced that. The storywriter, director and actors have handled the characters very well. To a great extent, the film is based on a true story. The film had nowhere lowered the image of the Father of Nation. What happened to Hari Lal was perhaps because of the destiny or karma of the previous life? Perhaps Gandhi was too busy in his mission. Hari Lal wanted to have a good living. He wanted Gandhi to help, as he was his son. Gandhi was not ready to do that. Hari Lal tried his luck too, but failed because of his humane weaknesses.

After the film, I kept on thinking about the finer moments of the life of Gandhi. What would have happened if the media had been so widespread and responsive as it are today with hundreds of TV news channels and thousands of many types of printed media? Gandhi belonged to the different generation. None of his children could make a great name in politics, though as per the film he too wanted his eldest son to be in the Independence movement with him. One gets reminded of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Lal Bahadur Shastri and many others too. None of their sons could make their presence felt in public life unlike the clans of Karunanidhi to Mulayam. But let us leave that aspect.

Why does a father keep on treating even the grown up sons so emotionally? Is it the worldly attachment? Why does a son fail to appreciate that a father can’t think of harming or hurting the son? What is wrong if the father wishes to have the son with him to provide the moral support that one needs many a times?

On this Rakshabandhan Day, I feel like asking a question. Whom should these aging old persons tie the rakhis?

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