A Letter to CM, Bihar

Dear CM,

Sub: We need a better promotionl ad.

On the Independence Day, I came across one full-page advertisement from your government in Hindi in English language ‘Times of India’, New Delhi edition. Couldn’t your officers make the ad more presentable and rationally acceptable for whomsoever that was addressed? Why should they keep on copying from the older files or from what other states are doing? Many other programmes of many a states may be emulated for the benefits of the people of Bihar.

The ad must carry two aspects of the governance: Firstly it must let the people know what has been achieved in numbers such as kms of roads constructed, number of villages electrified, number of schools and healthcare centers built, kms of irrigation canals and number of water bodies renovated or dug, and similar data during the two years of your government. The second part woul have given the specific plans for the projects to be undertaken and completed during the balance period of your tenure.

It is very prudently put that the proposals for 91 projects with a total investment of Rs 36,408. 596 crore (Why so accurately?) were placed before and accepted by the state industrial development board up to June 2007. In the same breath, the ad also mentions the government approval for the setting up of 15green-field sugar mills with a total capacity of 80,000 TCD. And that will also produce 332MW of electricity by co-generation and 1070 KLDP ethanol simultaneously generating employment of 90,940 ppersons. I wonder if these sugar mills are also in the list of 91 projects mentioned earlier. Are these additional? Many would love to know that.

However, the people will also like to know the status of these 91 projects that also include many engineering, and medical colleges with hospitals. Is a time lapse of two years that has already gone since the list started bulging, is not good enough to show the progress? Are the promoters serious about the projects or did they submit the proposals to take some other benefits for their existing business in Bihar?

I am sure even with total confidence in your sincerity, the well-wishers are skeptical if those projects would ever see the daylight benefiting the people of Bihar. Please get a website set up that provides the status of the major projects undertaken by the state and even the central government to keep the people informed?
I don’t know if you are already having one. If you have, I shall be obliged to know the link.

I am still confident that Bihar will change fast enough for others to be envy.


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