Finally Manali

When we reached Manali, the temperature was at the best to feel comfortable; and the ambience in the hotel and all around was charmingly wonderful. Here are some photographs:

We four drove in my small Alto that proved to be very economical and comfortable too. Our route for the eight nights of outing was from Noida to Chandigarh, Pinjore, Kalka, Kiarighat, Shimla; and then to Darlaghat, Brahmpukhar, Dhadhas, Surendranagar, Mandi, Aut, Kullu, and Manali.

The return trip was same upto Dhadhas through Mandi and Surendranagar, and then to Bilaspur, Kirtipur, and Chandigarh to Noida. Can one believe, the total cost was about Rs 8,000 for the two of us. No travel companies can offer such a cheap package. Is it not a nice way to have a change at this age? One must have a good friend who matches in taste and views as well as compliments.

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