Metro Making to Noida

All over Noida through Atta Pir, Botanical Garden, Golf Club to Degree College, one can see the speedy construction and raising of pillars that will support the rails for Metro. Though it has created some inconveniences, the vehicular movement remains pretty smooth assisted by Metro men. One can’t find any building materials lying outside its covered barriers obstructing the road as is the case with any other construction work of Noida authority.

While rushing to the Max Hospital for some pathological tests, one day even in early morning I saw Metro’s men cleaning the barrier covers, and present at all narrow points on the road with light guiding traffic. As I understand, this is the work culture that has been inculcated in all those who work for Metro. And all those who head big and small projects must learn from the work culture of Metro to handle the project execution with world class work standards to complete the project well in time.

Noida Authority management, all its engineers and administrators must take some lessons about project execution from the ongoing project of Metro in Noida. Noida Authority is building service lanes on both sides along the road between Choura Mor and Dadri Road and also pedestrian paths. The project is going on for months, if not years. The pedestrian paths will be of no use for old men and disabled ones because of its height. All along the road, the digging and construction materials lying on road expose the walking population to grave risk of getting hit by speeding vehicles. Why can’t the Noida Authority plan and design the project properly and execute that with speed taking lessons from Metro Project that always completes well within its agreed timeframe?

I found some neem trees in social forestry area of Sector 37 truncated and felt really shocked . I guess it must be for the execution of the Metro project. Is it the cost of development that Noidites will have to bear? Perhaps, the answer is just in affirmative, if the Metro runs above the ground to cut cost. Underground constructions are costlier but it saves the existing habitations. To me, the moving of Metro through Atta will be an eyesore too. It would have gone underground in that area.

However, let the dream connectivity of Noida with New Delhi realized fast.

My Choicest Readings on April 9, 2007

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9. TCS to recruit 32,000 IT professionals in ’07

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