Noida: Enlightening Election in RWA

Yesterday, the sector 41 householders had an unique election for its RWA (Residents Welfare Association). All these years, in a meeting on someone’s initiative, people present used to decide on 5 unanimously agreed block representatives for each block (10blocks in Sector 41). However, last year regular election was held to elect the five representatives in each block. These block representatives, in turn, elected the executive committee and President. This year, the incumbent committee after getting the constitution changed went for the election of 11 persons for all the positions including President by direct voting of all the householders of the sector, some 1500 in total (Some 800 in voters list).

Basically, two sets of persons belonging to two groups- ‘Group 41’ and ‘Bansal & His Team’ were in fray. Group 41 was trying to bring a change by dislodging the incumbent ‘Bansal & His Team’. Both groups did a lot of campaigning too, including some very negative ones. While the former promised development work to be undertaken and transparency through some handouts, the later sought ‘vote for a team which stood the test of time’.

It was a scene as one sees in general election of our great democracy. One could see a huge attendance of voters, polling agents, and electioneering management in a single place- the community center. It was a unique ambience of festivity and competition mood all around.

As I understand the incumbent group won the major positions. Bansal is in driver seat of the sector again. But I really appreciate the spirit and involvement of the householders in this election. However, here also I see hardly any representation of the women. Noida represents a highly educated and matured society. The elected body would and must reflect the aspirations of the women folks of the householders too. If Bihar can have 50% women representations in its panchayats, why can’t it be in Noida? Those who are holding the office must look into this issue seriously.

I have few suggestions that I wish the new elected body could put in their priority lists and focus on it.

1.Let the sector install its own RO system for clean drinkable water supply to all householders.

2.Let the President plead and press the NOIDA authority to have a captive power station for the township, as other SEZs are planning.

3.The sector must try to get the library in Sector 41 that was in the master plan as that will be an extremely useful for the residents and will enhance the brand image for the sector.

4.The committee must end the monopoly of the cable operator by investing in a digital connectivity setup of its own to have better communication as well as entertainment.

5.The committee must take a conciliatory approach with dealing with the village Agahpur and its people. Sector 41 must adopt the village and facilitate in making that an ideal village with help of the authority in stead of raising walls to isolate them.
6.The Sector must have an interactive website to understand and solve the problems of the people transparently and develop a perception of transparency among the householders.

Can the new committee have some competitions for the up keeping of the blocks and award the best kept block and in turn, the idea must be to become the best sector of Noida?

Can it develop some sports ground for the children and youths? Will it look into the menace of the parking in days to come? Many things are to be done. But what actually comes up will all depend on what are the priorities of the newcomers and Bansal as boss or President.

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