Sarnath- Under Buddha’s Shadow

While in Varanasi, I never missed the opportunity of visiting Sarnath. While I look at the constructions all around and right up to the main Stupa, I wonder why can’t the government impose a ban on all odd constructions that will anyway hurt the age-old cultural history of the country. I saw for the first time the Japanese Temple too.

Presently, another a high Stupa is under construction but I hardly found the space around that which could have been developed to provide the right ambience.

Sarnath Stupa must be visible from all around. And the city as such may be a world heritage city with support from Buddhists countries.

And I visited a Varanasi Saree center for the first time. They have engaged a weaver too in a very unhygienic condition. Why can’t the demonstration be of a good quality to attract the tourists from countries all around? We, Indians are very poor in marketing and selling the wonderful works of our skilled craftsmen. A design center with latest technology can develop many contemporary products for the global market. Only through technology, we can face the Chinese onslaught on Varanasi saree.
Rue De Sarnath

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