Disturbing Developments

Muslims under the banner of Jamaiit-e-Ulem-Hind organized protest in Singur, by now famous as the location of Tata Motors’ prestigious car project.

Delhi saw a disturbing initiative- a community- based mobilization led by Muslim clerics to protest against FDI in retail sector, as the global retail giants are one from US and UK.

If these giants are threats to India, how can it be threat only to a community?

Are not the clerics taking a little too much of liberty of the freedom to protest in democracy?

Is this not a dangerous signal for the so trumpeted secular country?

Is it something to do with the policies and pronouncements of special reservations, funds, and Islamic banks for this minority community?

Is it not inviting some unnecessary irritants for the country and its hard working people engaged in the task of making the country a global economic force?

But what can we expects from a national party that is dynastic and full of sycophants that you can see in the photograph where a minister is seeking blessings of the Goddess Sonia?

Need to report on minority hiring, all Central depts told</

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