Be ready and take some ‘Future Shock’

Prepare for the day when San Francisco has a gritty new suburb: Los Angeles. Indeed, much of Southern California, including the Baja Peninsula, will eventually migrate up the west coast to make Alaska even more gargantuan.

Drawing on new insights, theories, measurements and technologies geologists are forecasting the shape of terra firma in the distant future.

One website has received almost 30 million hits since its debut in 1998, and the field’s admirers now include top scientists. Among other things, the snapshot shows that Africa has drifted to the north, plowing into Europe and fusing the two landmasses, eliminating the Mediterranean Sea and replacing it with the Mediterranean Mountains. The rugged range runs down the middle of a continent far bigger than current-day Eurasia, a giant new agglomeration that might be called Afrasia.

Scotese’s web site,-, showcases his work, called the Paleomap Project. His long-term forecast portrays a distant time when the world’s continents come together again to form a new supercontinent, which he calls Pangea Ultima.

An animated depiction of Pangea Ultima demonstrates a bold exercise in futuristic thinking. First, the Mediterranean closes. Then – 25 million to 75 million years from now – Australia moves north, slamming into Indonesia and Malaysia before pirouetting counterclockwise to smash into the Philippines and then Asia, eventually merging with it. Antarctica also moves north, shedding its icecap. Roughly 100 million years from now, it plows into the Indian Ocean, and 50 million years later wedges itself between Madagascar and Indonesia. The Indian Ocean becomes a virtual inland sea.
-Contributed by William J Broad – NYT NEWS SERVICE

Ah! Why can’t someone show these things gradually getting transformed? It will be fantastic experience.

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