IIT Comes to Bihar

As reported, finally IIT comes to Bihar. Looking back in history we find Bihar has waited for nearly six decades for an IIT. It happens in Nitish’s reign that couldn’t happen in 50s. Shri Babu lost against the personality of Dr. BC Roy. Dr. BC Roy influenced Nehru and got the first IIT established at Kharagpur, West Bengal instead of Sindri (earlier in united Bihar, but now in Jharkhand).

However, only the time will tell what Bihar gains by having an IIT. The location of IITs till date has not changed the region as Stanford and Berkley have done it for the Silicon Valley, USA. IIT of Bihar must concentrate on encouraging research and entrepreneurship.

Though Bihar was not having an IIT, but it didn’t affect any way the students of Bihar who right from the first batch started entering IITs in good number because of their merit. Individual zeal and assistance of institutes such as Super 30 Institute of Patna has helped the ambitious students in their pursuits to enter into IITs.

Let the location of this IIT not be decided by politicians. Interestingly, as reported, Fatmi, MOS, HRD already wishes to have it at Darbhanga, his home constituency.

I have some different views.

Let IIT of Bihar be the first seed institute of world-class higher learning in the premises of Nalanda International University as gifted by the government of India. Let IIT be located somewhere near the International Airport of Buddha Gaya with a 6-lane expressway between the two. Connectivity of the location will be the deciding factor. The concept of Nalanda International University must be pursued with a missionary zeal. That one project can bring a revolutionary transformation in the economy of the region.

As wished by many faculties of IITs let there be 50% reservations for the foreign students, particularly from the South East Asian councom/OPINION/Editorial/COUNTER_VIEW_An_IIT_cannot_clean_up_Bihar/articleshow/1085480.cms”>An IIT cannot clean up Bihartries including China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. It must try to have good teachers also in large number from the South East Asian countries. And one can dream of the day, when many specialized institutes of higher learning sponsored by different countries and the reputed universities of the world get setup in the premise of Nalanda International University.

Let this IIT become unique in some way and serve the whole of the region.

I wish the local politicians didn’t spoil this ‘crown jewel’ institute by their foolish demands and moves.

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