UP vs. Bihar

Bihar had earned a bad name for law and order. With the Nithari episode caused because of the totally negligent police system, UP has become a Rakhash Rajya, where the life of even innocent little ones are not safe. And funniest of all, the chief minister still claims that he is the king of this jungle. He has lost the ability to even understand what he says and what it means. And he has many sycophants who clap on the statement.

When the whole of the country is shocked by the deeds of a Rakhasha of Noida, the CM of the state, his party is busy in organizing ‘Black Day’ for protesting against the execution of Saddam Hussein. And what type of protest was it that I could see on TV channel. Even perhaps the pro-Saddam Iraqis would not have dared to do that and would even feel ashamed to stone and hurt the innocent tourists visiting Iraq knowingly.

Surprisingly, the whole of India feels like going to Nithari to show sympathy with the very poor parents of those kids who were killed for no fault of theirs. But the chief minister doesn’t think it necessary to visit and share the pain and mental torture that the parents are undergoing. On advice of some of his sycophant advisors, he has been sending cheques of Rs 2 lakhs, and now Rs 5 lakhs to make them forget the memory of the kids that they have lost as compensation. UP CM Mulayam Singh Yadav’s brother and PWD Minister Shivpal Singh Yadav today described the murders of children in Noida as “small and routine incidents.” Is it not shameful of a democracy that can tolerate such a chief minister?

Interestingly, most of the victims are from West Bengal, and are from the poorest class, working in Noida as domestic help or rickshaw-puller. I thought some political leaders from Bengal would have visited them to console them. But this is the tragedy today that no one wants to help the poor unless they form the part of their vote bank. And these people confess that their names are not in the voters list.

What a shame!
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