My Wish list 2007

But let me share with you all the reasons of my happiness today that our great President wished to all the Indians in his greeting for the New Year. I was really happy to find Sushmita as the first to send us an-email greeting from New York. And then I got my usual stuff of happiness from coverage in ‘Newsweek’. The door bell giving the message that Jai has come as promised yesterday to help Yamuna in household works, made me dance It assured that on the first day of the year I shall not be wasting my time on some thing that I don’t relish though I never show it. But the sight of the decorated Shakti Temple gave me an excitement. I first enquired if today happened to be some auspicious day as per Hindu calendar. No, it is only the first day of the year 2007. It is the flexibility that is coming because of globalisation. We are participating in the festivals and enjoying for all and every reason. I wish people keep their faith very personal and don’t be rigid in following the rituals or manifestations. The milk counter of mother Dairy was closed. The attendants had gone to join Bakr-eid prayer. But they were smart enough to outsource the task. I could get my milk from the bread vendor there. Are these not the reasons for great happiness, when right in the morning we faced power outage and a dense depressing fog?

And now my wish list for the year!

Noida becomes cleaner, and by some magical power, Mr. Sreedharan gets the metro link of Noida with New Delhi completed in a year breaking ell records.

Golden Quadrilateral and major portions of NSEW Corridors of NHAI get operative and I drive up to my village home on the metalled road promised under Bharat Nirman.

A tough and missionary regulator takes over power sector, cuts down the distribution losses by putting every one behind that by persuasion or the imprisonment, expedites the capacity building through fast track execution of power plants, mega or hydro, and doubles the subsidy to those using alternative power sources of biomass, solar, and wind.

IITs and IIMs open extension centers in capitals of the rest of the states including that of Bihar till new ones are established. Each district headquarter of Bihar establishes an education Hub or SEZ with at least one engineering and medical college, 10 Industrial training Institutes, and 20 good Higher Secondary Schools.

My village gets a healthcare center, and so do the other villages of the country.

India attains 12% GDP growth rate.

India, Pakistan, and China get into a no war treaty, and form an economic block

USA gives up its Dadagiri. Peace returns to Iraq. Let Sadam soul rest in peace.

News: South Korean Ban Ki-moon, the new U.N. secretary-general on Monday, announced his first two appointments.Vijay Nambiar of India, a special adviser to Ban’s predecessor, Kofi Annan, will be his chief of staff

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