What An End of 2006!

With no one at home in evening I switched on TV, as usual the news channel. Footage of Saddam Hussain, the former head of Iraq getting executed was just depressing for any sensible person. He refused to put the hood. His facial expression was calm. It is difficult to imagine what must be going in his mind. A ruler for years, a leader of the nation must not get executed like this. It reminded me of Bhutto’s execution. What an end!

And the newsreader changed to the heinous crime story of Noida where we live and with whom we have associated ourselves. An industry owner and his servant were regularly alluring kids in teens in, assaulting them sexually, and then cutting them into pieces and throwing them in drain at the back of the house. Just the lure of some sweets or some other gifts did bring the ends they could never think of. And the culprits kept on making the prey for months or years. What a downfall of the values of life!

The news shocks but one is to live and get ready to welcome a new year and hope for the light enveloping every one in the society.

Mob violence over serial killings
Hunted, Hanged
Saddam buried in his hometown: Tribe, family
Hussein Video Grips Iraq; Attacks Go On
On the Gallows, Curses for U.S. and ‘Traitors’
Around the World, Unease and Criticism of Penalty
In Hussein’s Last Minutes, Jeers and a Cry for Calm
Vengeance of the Victors<

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