Tata Motors and Singur Haunt Me

I feel morose to find Medha and Arundhati Roy on my side of the fence in Singur case. To be more blunt, I just hate them. I call them celebrity protesters, who carry on that as profession. I wrote my viewpoints on their protest against raising the height of the dam in Sardar Sarovar project. Their protest delayed the project completion and caused huge loss to the nation. Moreover, they could have helped the people by facilitating the compensation. But they would have appreciated that the dam can’t be shifted and would have also believed the technical capability of our civil engineers. I oppose Tata Motors locating its project at Singur totally on technical ground. It can very easily be located on land that could have not affected so many farmers.

I don’t blame west Bengal government and Buddha Babu, as in pursuit to bring in industrialist back to West Bengal again and create an investor- friendly image; they are ready to yield to any extent. But why should Tata Motors be so shellfish to stick to Singur? Why can’t the company and its executive voluntarily agree for a change in location to a place that can be strategically equally good or better?
Why should Tata Motors build car factory on a land that can yield three crops around the year, and upto Rs 1 lakh per bigha from potato cultivation, that are scarce in our country?

Why should Tata Motors require 1,000 acres if technically it does not require more than 200 acres? Why can’t Tata Motors build multistoried plant as done in Japan and even Germany? After all Tata Motors are not going to produce heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It is meant for the lightest vehicle in the sector to attain fuel efficiency norm.

Why can’t Tata Motors build the plant in places such as Kharagpur or Durgapur that are well on the GQ or for that matter in other industrial complexes in West Bengal that are lying vacant?

I still think Tata Motors could have bought the unutilised land of Hindustan Motors at Hind Motor that is very near to Singur. With Hindustan Motors closing down its activities, it has publicly gone to ask the permission of the same government to develop the extra land into realty business. Why can’t the government think on that line? The land is not suitable for farming as it is low lying.

The whole story is fishy. But the silence and lack of a farsightedness from the executives of Tata motors are more surprising.

I am not a supporter of Mamata, Medha or Arundhanti. But I oppose the move of Tata Motors to locate its plant on this fertile piece of land, and I am ready to go for a debate with any executive of Tata Motors on the issue. Will they agree? Unfortunately, why are the stalwarts of the industry such as RC Bhargava, Subodh Bhrgava, Tarun Das, and many others so silent? I strongly feel that the regional allurements should not be the criteria for selecting a location. It is going to be harmful and create imbalance in different regions.

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