Mother Almighty Arrives

Yesterday was Mahalaya. I get reminded of our childhood when my grandfather would get up to hear the wonderful narration of the Goddess on radio early in the morning. There was no TV those days. The sublime narration accompanied with songs, as I know from ‘Durga Saptashati’ used to fill the air in early morning. Perhaps Mother has all the superlative traits that one can think of: The Supreme Lady (Paramesvari), Mother of the World (Jagdamba), personification of the transcendental knowledge (visuddha jnanadeha), and the cosmic energy (saktisvarupini). She got all in her ten hands the best of weapons and implements given by all the gods. Surprisingly, on the last day of pitripaksha (fortnight of the deads), the final offerings for the deads of the family are made with a bath in river; Goddess arrives to stay on this earth among her devotees for nine days or nights (navratri).

These nine days (or nights) are now becoming the ultimate of festivities in India. In North India from Delhi to Varanasi, main attractions are Ram Lilas (folk dramas based on the life of Rama) that are organized in every colonies and localities. Gujarat celebrates Navratra with Dandia dance with exhhilarating music and orchestra. That is becoming the main attractions of the younger generations. And eastern India, particularly Bengal is busy with celebrating Durga Puja. And each of the three is now encroaching in every region of the country to make it a great festival of the people of all ages and perhaps of all communities. With month of Ramzan, Muslims also are also busy in celebrations ending with Eid.

I wish this gets a recognition as national festival season and the governments promote this for attracting tourists from all over the world in large number, as the climate is also pretty mild.

Sarvasvarupe sarvese sarvasaktisamanvite

Bhayebhyas trahi no Devi, Durge devi namo’stute

O Durga! Assumer of all forms! Sovereign of all beings! Possessor of unlimited power! Save us from fearful uncertainties. Salutation to Thee!

Divine Feminine
Celebrate India

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