Akhara IIM-A; Lalu Vs Nitish

I don’t understand the real intention of IIM-A giving so much importance to Bihar by calling two of the main rival politicians of Bihar to IIM-A to make students of the prestigious institute learn from their experiences as managers in government. Does the institute treat them as successful CEOs of the department or the state they run? How will the rustic management guru will fare and what will the suave one will offer, as he is still to prove in his new role?

Would not a better option would have been to discuss the questions arising out of the case study prepared by the IIM-A professor under the chairmanship of the two stalwarts- one who is claiming the whole credit himself and the other who was the boss before the later took over and carried the legacy?

Is it really the Railway minister Lulu Parsed euphemism such as ”If you do not milk the cow fully, it falls sick,” that improved the performance? I am sure the students and faculty of IIM-A would have got the answer from the horse’s mouth. IIM-A also would have studied the case and come out with its own conclusion. I wish they made it public for the managers of the country to learn the trick if there is one.

However, I have some questions and queries. As we all know Lazuli was too busy with Bihar’s assembly election till last year and the ministry as reported was practically run by the officers there or PMO. Did he really contribute or was it a handiwork of the chairman of Railway Board or some other dedicated heads? Did he create a fear in the railway bureaucracy because of his humiliating way of handling the subordinates and that made them work hard to give performance?

I don’t here mean that a person like Lalu can’t do it. What I only expect that the credit must go to the person who deserve. What I didn’t like was the dogfight reported in media. And there even Nitish appears to be lacking the magnanimity that many expected him to show, when he is reported to have said, “Lalu is reaping the benefits of steps initiated by me during my stint as Railway Minister from 2002 to 2005. I am unable to understand how the media said the Indian railways was running at a loss,” However, here also Lalu is at the worse when he said to the press, “Nitish Kumar is a liar. I knew you would ask me this question, so I have brought with me a copy of his 1999 budget speech in which he had admitted that the railway was in doldrums,”

Has our culture taught only this? Is this the way to behave in public?

Even if I consider this programme organize by IIM-A as one in interest of Bihar, I have two requests to make on behalf of the people of Bihar.

Can IIM-A and other IIMs send its students and faculty members to Bihar to study its problems as project and come out a road map on the line of the one prepared by Mc Kinsey for West Bengal?

Will one of the IIMs open an extension center in Patna or Muzaffarpur to train students from Bihar near at home?

Will Laluji request IIM-A on the behalf of the people of Bihar? May be as remuneration for the presentation made by him, IIM-A agree to the request. I wish when Nitish presents his lecture at IIM-A, he did propose IIM-A to come to Bihar and offer all assistance to have a campus.

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