And Nightmare At Home Over

Boys gave the finishing touches and completed the painting work. The dirty work went on for over a month from rakshabandhan to this day when Yamuna is fasting for Jiyutiya. It was troubled time for us. We hardly went out for more than an hour, neither could we invite any one. However, I had been allowing Yamuna to attend her kitties and also to have evenings with the neighbours who miss her.

Surprisingly, the vendor of the wall-fixed almirah also barged in at the right time bringing in the huge fabricated structure. And it was put in the place vacated by the termite-eaten one.Perhaps the change of material from wood to steel was the only answer to escape the tirade of termite for ever. I still think NOIDA Authority must make it mandatory to treat the construction site for all builders to avoid the inconveniences and loss to the households.

Perhaps this was the last major work that I have got done, if I go by the life of the paint promised by the manufacturer. Hereafter, I shalln’t be there. It will be for the inheritors to do that.

However, I plan to relax and enjoy enjoy the next few days, if I can.

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