67 And A Wish

On this day when I have gone 67, my wife hands over a packet of gift at 4AM, when I quietly left bed and came to sit with my laptop. I am overjoyed, but show only my humility. Why do we not say what is the truth?

And I start the day with my Bhagawat Gita’s selected slokas meant to keep one healthy. I surf and find a news item. Someone had been ahead of me.

I wished once to create a website for my village ‘PIPRA’- a typical and remote in Bihar with no electricity and metalled road even after 59 years of independence. I started writing the history of the village as I have heard from the old people there. But someone has scored over me. HANSDEHAR has gone on web before someone could help me in getting ‘Pipra’ uploaded. And this is the way rural India is moving forward to have access to everything happening in the outside the small places.

Can I not see Handehar as my PIPRA and be satisfied?

But why do I require a website? Perhaps, these website can display the name and cellular phone numbers of skilled people in the village so that those needing them can contact them. It will certainly improve the useful employment of those who can’t live in towns and cities because it means expenses on self. It shall also improve the quality of life in rural areas.

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