Management Rules: Old and New

Once upon a time, there was a route to success that corporate America agreed on. But in today’s fast-changing landscape, that old formula is getting tired and retired. However, I consider it as the dynamics of management rules. Before visiting Japan, I believed in tough management, but after some exposure to the Japanese plants and their working I changed my course and became more people-oriented. And it gave good dividends too. Here are the seven rules. You can go to the links and get benefited.

Rule 1    New: Agile is best; being big can bite you.
                  Old: Big dogs own the street.

Rule 2    New: Find a niche, create something new.
   Old: Be No.1 or No. 2 in your market.

Rule 3         New: The customer is king.
   Old: Shareholders rule.

Rule 4         New: look out, not in.
   Old: Be lean and mean.

Rule 5         New: Hire passionate people
   Old: Rank your players; go with the A’s.

Rule 6         New: Hire a courageous CEO.
   Old: Hire a charismatic CEO.

Rule 7         New: Admire my soul.
   Old: Admire my might.

How did you consider the difference? Is it because of the generation gaps between the managers and managed?

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