NOIDA- Some Priorities For Competitiveness

Time and again, Shri Amar Singh and also who so ever occupies the chair of CEO of NOIDA (Authority) proclaim their intentions of making Noida to compete with other industrial centers of India. Noida must prioritise its infrastructure projects, if it means business.

With toll bridge connecting and reducing the time of travel between New Delhi and Noida; and in another two years the start of Metro services connecting Noida with the rest of New Delhi, Noida will be better placed than other industrial cum residential townships within NCR (national capital region).

However, the Authority must work on two other very important infrastructures- the first being the quality power supply in abundance and the second is the provision good drinking water for all people. Let the household not spent on getting huge generators at their doors as a status symbol as the elephants in good old days.

The Authority must invite some private reputed company such as Tata Power or even someone else to set up a captive power plant for Noida as a separate company with the responsibility for distribution too. The project is very much viable. All the companies and individuals in Noida can be stakeholders and share holders in the company. The distribution may then be theft free.

On a similar line, the authority may invite some private company to take up the project of supplying treated drinking water so that individual households need not install RO or other system on keep on buying mineral water for drinking year after year and that too with suspected quality. Let the company sell water as business proposition. None will object to it.

Perhaps the new SEZs (Special Export Zone) are coming up with the same concepts. Why can’t NOIDA if interested in competing with them think on that line to have its own separate and independent infrastructure facilities of power and water?

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