Mumbai Massacre, My Regrets

Mumbai blasts killed about 200 people and seriously injured 800 more without making any distinction of the religious identities. It shocked the billion plus of the countrymen. We know, it’s enemy sponsored.

My greatest regrets relate to the fact that a ‘student’ community, SIMI, has taken part in it. How can student communities of any faith get into such an inhumane shameless work? The word ‘student’ is getting tarnished. Why are they becoming pawn in the hand of terrorists? Why can’t their friends of madrassas protest and take a vow to identify their misguided friends? Why should the parents not take the responsibility of their wards? Why don’t they publicly disown them and punish them without waiting for the judicial system to do that? How can one student be treacherous to the motherland?

My second regret relates to all in administration, from the prime minister to the lowest police officer, who after every such accidents come out with the statements and promises that are similar in words and meanings, as they had made many a times. And even after knowing all that fully well, the media go on repeating them wasting their resources and energy.

My third regret is about the western nations including US and, who proclaim themselves our friends. What stops them to declare Pakistan a rogue nation? When I use the word ‘nation’, I refer to key people in army and government and not the people of Pakistan. Why can’t US understand the feelings of the people of India? US will not loose much even if it removes its support to Pakistan. Pakistan is taking all these adventurous terrorism only because it has a friend in US.

My next regret is about the Indians in US and UK. Why don’t they come out in large number with their local friends on street to protest against such a heinous act that is being sponsored by Pakistan?

Am I wrong somewhere? Why are we not doing something that can stop these acts?

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