Nitish! Some Image Building Wish list

I keep on reading some good articles about Brand Nitish and Brand Bihar and get pleased with the nomination of Nitish number 3 position by ‘India Today’. But the news from Bihar and Patna are disturbing. I know all the law and order issues will not be set right in one go. As a commoner, I dream a miracle. I wish the intention and sincerity must be visible and media must help in erasing the bad perception by not reporting all odd news of no worth from Bihar.

I was very happy after reading the news of Kiran Bedi being appointed as DGP, Bihar in But perhaps, it was not correct. The reporter perhaps had guessed it. My happiness was short lived. Are you still giving chance to the local police talents? It’s good if they can take the challenge. They are be totally professional, fair, and ruthless to succeed. I wish, they are. But you must wait for long and must bring in some of the reputation of Bedi or Gill. It will be image building too, besides showing your sincerity to the basic problem of the state.

I would have loved if you could appoint at least two technocrat professionals of proven reputation in project management as cabinet ministers: one for rapid construction of roads both under NHDP and Bharat Nirman, and the second for rural electrification with an objective of getting some visible progress before monsoon sets in.

Will it not be necessary to appoint some reputed consultants to help in the industrial development of Bihar? Mc Kinsey enhanced the image of West Bengal’s intention to create business-friendly perception. However, you may go for requesting CK Prahalad, Bimal Jalan, or Rajat Gupta.

Basically a very able PR expert under you must develop the useful interactions of the government with the industry. He could have contacted all the enterprises and institutions playing active roles in rural development such as ITC’s Deveshwar for bringing in its e-Choupal, HLL for its Shakti, ICICI’s Kamath for its microcredit, Swaminathan Foundation for its Knowledge Centre initiatives. Vinod Dham, the reputed IITian also had a wonderful rural development model.

As it appears, you are regularly talking with your party people. I wish you requested them to take care of the problem of teachers’ negligence of duty at village levels. And I wish a second campaign could have been undertaken for educating people about their own responsibility in the development of their villages and that of their households.

If you take the initiative, many will come forward on own in the state. Many individuals and institutions are willing to help the state as a test case of development of a region which some wise people predicted moving in the dark age.

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