First Day of 2006

As it appears on thee first day of 2006, the whole of Delhi came out to celebrate. And Delhi had latest gift from Metro of its third line to Dwarka. Metro provided the fun ride for Delhiites.

And Mrs. YP Singh, wife of advocate friend and a typical grandmother had to return back without getting into ‘Akshardham’- the newly built architectural marvel of Delhi. India is on move. We also had an instantaneously planned outing yesterday along with Aroras. I wanted to just be out and so drove towards Greater Noida- the first ISO certified township of UP. We took some eatables and wanted to have some sort of picnic in a garden. While we were about to return, as we were not getting one suitable place Arora could help us finding City Park. It was a nice place and well done to UP standard with children corners, and flowerbeds with decently done landscapes.

Unfortunately, the toilets are leaky and dirty too. I don’t why this aspect is totally neglected in this country. I had a similar feeling when we visited the wonderful facility of Akshardham. Perhaps, the one solution that I can think of is to lease the facility to some reputed private company. The entrance ticket can be a little more to keep the park in best of its shape and cleanliness. Further, the authority may integrate a small tidy food plaza too to make it more enjoyable. These facilities will be increasingly popular with the expanding middle class base of the country.

And the drive while returning on the Noida Expressway with greenery of cultivated fields on both sides was exciting. Here you can see the coexistence of modern huge structures under constructions and the rural surrounding. I wish the authorities could develop some rural resorts for city dwellers for a day off in natural surroundings.

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