Media:some serious complaints

I have some serious complaints with our editors and reporters. As someone said rightly, media is one powerful weapon that can make or break a nation. Why is our media failing? Why is it not creating better tastes for its readers? Why can’t it help in building human resources necessary for Number One nation globally? Why has it been changing to purely commercial affair counting profit every quarterly?

While media go on reporting about Amar Manis and RK Sharmas day in and day out, it hardly bothers to write about about the great managers doing great jobs, great research workers bringing laurels to the country, and great doctors achieving world-class medical standard at much cheaper cost, and other great Indians doing a brand selling of intellectual India abroad.
Why should Kanchi seer’s news be so widely covered when we all know that police may even be much partisan? Say, if he is proved innocent, how much damage has already been done not only of seer’s image, but also of all having faith in him? Can we believe Jayalalita who would have been in prison and not in chief minister chair, if the legal system would have been fast and fair?

Recently two great sons of the country- Dr. Raja Rammanna and Mulk Raj Anand passed away. Hardly any newspaper or news magazine did any honourable reporting about their contributions leave aside bring out a special issue or cover story. Small screen media is busy in covering useless political issues and cheap politicians and building their images. .Sometimes it is Gudia episode, sometimes it is Jaheera turning violent> The hot news goes for days and with same intensity and same importance in all the channels and then then there is a total black out even if the news proves to be total false. Is it not expected that the media becomes a little more responsible?

You go on writing pages about Tehlaka, and coffin scam, but you hardly bother to follow promises made in last national budgets. In last budgets, the FM promised work on renovation of water bodies, and starting of the irrigation projects that are pending. Roads and electricity are other critical sectors. The media can play an important role and bring out the real picture so that the project can keep the cost down and are completed in time. Media hardly report about the progress against the promises. Why can’t the newspapers and news magazines come out with special issues on road sector or electricity power issues or rural development problems? Very lately, the new government had appointed many celebrities to head many institutions of national importance, media hardly give any features on their background for the readers. Is it not important?

The government has two large manufacturing sectors that every one knows- the defence production and railway workshops employing more than half a million people, media hardly talk about them, even though these units are hardly operating at 20% efficiency. Thousands of its employees are taking their salaries and wages without doing any work. Perhaps the outsourcing could have made these manufacturing units trim and efficient. It would have created a large number of self employed people.

Union leaders are extorting money from management just to keep the factories running. Factories are closing down because of these corrupt practices of trade unions and their leaders. At one time Dehri-on-Sone in Bihar and Ranchi in Jharkhand were coming up as industrial towns, but the trade unions played havoc and all the factories are sick or gone. But media hardly write about it and play a role to save the situation.

We all see many of the news magazines publishing the special issues on the best B-Schools. I don’t understand what is that great about them. So many of these special issues are only confusing the prospective candidates. A very pertinent question has been asked by someone about the B-School- Why isn’t there a single Indian B-school in the list of top 40 management institutes of the world (in lists prepared annually by the likes of Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and The Economist) considering that the CAT is considered a far tougher entrance exam than the GMAT which takes Indians to the US? Why can’t media produce some investigative reports about these so called highly demanded business schools? I know at least some or many are there only for minting money by showing a rosy picture of a good future to the candidates. Many don’t maintain even a photocopy machine in their premises to help the students.

Why can’t the media play a positive role by helping the government in correcting the deficiency of national policies in improving the governance? Media can publish more of success stories. Many people against all the odds of systems and society are doing great work. Media must report it. It can make these religious leaders to correct the evils of the society. It can build image of the right and forthright political personalities instead of those who manipulate to be in media’s good books and get the maximum coverage.

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