I smile and feel good when ..

  • I see a third lane being added to a road, a tree plantation coming up on sides of the roads or a well-planned dividing zone getting built on a road.
  • I see a consistent increase in vehicular traffic – trailers with loaded containers, tankers, buses, and cars of all new models on the nearby road. It gives me hope and confidencein the growth of Indian economy in general, and the local economy in particular.
  • I see a house, a hospital or a multi-storied housing or entertainment complex coming up somewhere, which will fulfill the dreams and aspirations of many common people.
  • I see a large number of vendors in the nearby weekly bazaar, who have come from distant villages and may very well become successful entrepreneurs or business men some day.
  • I read a news item – Sardar Sarovar Nigam invests Rs.170 crores for creating tourist facilities. Why can’t other similar projects come up with such a plan?
  • I hear Big B adopting two draught affected villages and providing all necessary services to overcome the crisis.
  • I attend a function of Child and Vidya – an NGO run by some young educated housewives that provide education to under-privileged children in best public schools with honour.
  • I come to know of Mr. Dubey who selflessly sacrificed himself for a cause that he truly believed in. We need many more of his type for this nation to truly realize it’s potential
  • I find someone treating the boy at home to help his wife as his own and arrange for educating him by keeping a tutor.
  • Ramayan tells me that his son got admission in an engineering college. Ramayan is an employee in an engineering company where I had served and makes less than Rs.5000 or so per month. What amazes me most is that it was his son who arranged the money (around Rs. 3,00,000.00) as an Educational loan from a bank.

Anyway, as somwhat of an optimist, I keep on looking for ways and means to smile and feel good about things. If every single indidual of the billion or so that inhabit this great nation decided to contribute 10% more than they normally do (or would do), the whole scenario will become different and may even bring the dream of India shining nearer.

Our respected political leaders or Members of Parliament (MP) are already busy creating more reasons for us to feel bad or at least let down. This is not the time for us to get bogged down. Let’s not forget that our nation is bigger than any individual (or set of individuals) and let us refocus and rededicate ourselves in working towards the greater good of the country as a whole.

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