Are Muslim MPs Right?

A news item in media-‘ Muslim MPs say it’s a witch hunt, seek CBI probe’ shocked me, and certainly others like me too.

A group of Muslim MPs charged that the probe into the Mumbai blasts has been communalised and led to a witch-hunt against the community. PM Manmohan Singh, however, didn’t concede to their demand to replace Maharashtra Police with CBI as the main investigating agency.

MPs included Asauddin Owaisi, Haroon Rasheed, K M Mohiuddin, G Nizamuddin, Saleem Sherwani, Furqan Ansari, Shahid Siddiqui and Mahmood Madani and Tariq Anwar. The delegation included MPs from Congress as well as NCP, the two partners in Maharashtra coalition.

Their memorandum said: “Maharashtra ministers, politicians, police and media have sought to communalise the issue and give a religious colour to the act as one of ‘Islamic terrorism.” The MPs were critical of combing operations in Muslim-dominated areas, which they felt targeted “poor and innocent” people.

Can’t we allow the police to do its duty even in as serious a case as Mumbai blasts that killed more than 200 people of all faiths? Should there be some quota even in pointing out at the culprits? Do they mean why people of other faiths are not queried?

Is it a vote politics? I am sure the police should be careful so that people in general are not put to trouble. But to reach at the culprits they must get a free hand in doing whatsoever they wish to do under the command of a honest police officer. Let MPs do their job and not demoralize the police forc

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