A Car that Indians will love to own

‘A Twitter, Elon Musk – Founder of Tesla Motors, of March 31, said that Tesla Motors has added India, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Ireland and Singapore as its new markets for the Model 3.’ The coverage in all forms of media indicates that a large number of Indians were also following the unveiling of Model 3 in India too, and quite a number of the richer young Indians may aspire to own one also. It will not be too costly at $35,000. With its advantage to save the environmental damage, a key concern for the governments these days, the subsidy on it will be logical and that can make it popular for those using it for metro use, say in Delhi where the big diesel vehicles may get banned for long. The range of 215 miles per charge will be good enough for metro and its suburb uses. It’s seating capacity of five is more India oriented. Indian market can easily live with base model. “Last September, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Tesla’s facility in San Jose and showed keen interest in some of their path breaking inventions, particularly in the renewable energy sector which can have multiple applications in remote rural areas. In 2014, Tesla showed his keenness to enter the Indian market and even identified the country as one of the possible locations to set up a manufacturing plant in Asia.” Once more yesterday, Elan has twitted that the company’s plan to enter India.
I wish Mahindra pursues a deal with Tesla to gradually produce an Indian version in India. It can be the next potentially profitable project for the company with his company’s talent in design, great performance till date, manufacturing capacity and experience of electric cars with acquisition of Reva. Manufacturing of electric cars is less mechanically complicated with no power trains. Government is already talking about all electric automobiles by 2030 and ISRO has also demonstrated interest and its capability to make the battery. Some large-hearted enthusiasts can have startups with that technology in manufacturing of the batteries for the cars. As I had read in my 2014 US visit, Elan was open on sharing the technologies. Elan’s success with his Model 3 Tesla will bring with a great change in automobile sector. The best part is its exceptionally high safety ratings and incorporation autopilot feature. Mahindra and Tata Motors would have made all its employees to see this launch of Tesla Model 3. For car lovers, it is a must. I got excited a little more as it gives a glimpses of manufacturing process too. You can yourself watch. If possible write a comment.
I don’t know how successful Modi will be in attracting Boeing and Airbus, but he may encourage the Indian car manufacturers to go for Tesla Model 3 like car. Even for the next stage of autonomous cars, both Indian car manufacturers with the ownerships of tech companies such as Tech Mahindra and TCS will be the potential manufacturers of such full electric cars.

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