Bihar Election 2015- My Different Opinions

बिहार के लोग अगर जाति के आधार पर भी भोट देना चाहते हों तो भी नीतीश कुमार उचित एवं बिश्वसनीय उम्मीदवार कहाँ हैं? पहले जब जीतने का मौक़ा बड़ी जातियों के भारतीय जनता पार्टी के साथ था तो उनके साथ थे। आज वही नीतीश सब कुछ ताक पर रख केवल मुख्य मंत्री बने रहने के लिये, यादवों का मत पाकर अपने घोर दुश्मन लालू प्रसाद, जिन्हें अपने परिवार से आगे कुछ दिखता नहीं, से हाथ मिला लिये हैं। लालू परिवार के बल वे कैसी सरकार बनायेंगे और चलायेंगे । यह भी छोटी जातियों को भुलावा देना या बेवक़ूफ़ बनाना नहीं तो क्या है? कल चुनाव के परिणाम उन्हें फिर किसी की सहायता लेने को मजबूर करेंगी तो इन्हें कुछ संकोच नहीं होगा । भगवान बिहार का ख़्याल रखें ! जातियों का भेदभाव केवल भा. ज. पा. ही मिटा सकती है ।यही इसके पक्ष में है बिहार बचाने के लिये ।
जाति धर्म न मायने रखते,
एक श्रेष्ठ देश अभिमान
What Ranking in Education Means : As per a study, ‘the average income of households—where the highest education of any family member is a college degree or above—is roughly four times more than that of a household where no family member is literate (R3,35,174 versus R80,759). And Bihar stands among the last last at 10.1 PF households after a rule of 25 years of Bihar between Nitish and Lalu Prasad. Can you expect anything better when Bihar will be ruled by Nitish Kumar assisted by Lalu’s basically illiterate sons who have inferior educational qualification than their father with Misa Bharati as its political ideologue?
Funny, Is it Prasant Kishor’s advice? As reported in Indian Express today, “Leaders from the grand alliance in Bihar today urged the Election Commission to order the removal of banners and posters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah from the Patna airport.” Are the Biharis who will make them win flying these days rather than using the trains? What a bankruptcy of ideas! Perhaps, they are on loosing path.
Shaibal Gupta, member-secretary, Asian Development Research Institute, Patna
in an article in Indian Express says ‘Double Standard in Bihar’, “Upper caste-centric alliances are not referred to as caste combines, while a coming together of marginal and subaltern castes — as in the case of the maha gathbandhan — is invariably considered a caste-centred coalition”. What is this Asian Development Research Institute? What does it do for Bihar? Is Shaibal Gupta an independent intellectual or working for Nitish Kumar as Pavan Verma does? Every real Bihari intellectual is expected to give some effective solutions to remove the social ills of caste and religion that is also one of the reasons for the lack of real development in Bihar. It is essential to drive the growth of the state to bring it in the league of the developed states of India. Will the readers respond?
Development during Nitish Era: Liquor is the only noticeably thriving industry in recent years, thanks to his relaxed excise policy. The share of revenue from excise in the total revenues had nearly doubled from 10.33 per cent in 2006-07 to 18 per cent in 2014-15.Liquor licences in rural areas increased from 779 a decade ago to 2,360 now. Big distillers like United Breweries, Cobra and Carlsberg are the only big investment who set up distilleries near Patna in recent years. How has then Nitish promised the women of Bihar a control on liquor? Should there be no ethics and moral responsibility in politicians for the future generation?
Is Nitish a reliable ally? Mulayam Singh Yadav on Nitish Kumar : “When we decided to contest the Bihar polls together, Mr. Kumar supported the coalition. But when the coalition announcement was to be made, he [Mr. Kumar] quietly went to meet Rahul and Sonia Gandhi…….We kept waiting for Nitish Kumar and when I called him I was told that he was in Delhi and when I met him, Nitish Kumar said he needed to leave for Patna for an urgent work….Is it correct to lie? Is it not betrayal?”
(Further) “Injustice was, in fact, done to Lalu Prasad…he was sentenced to jail for five years but I’d ask you all who was responsible for his punishment…it was the Chief Minister (Nitish Kumar).”
This Bihar election will be difficult to predict. Nitish Kumar has somehow succeeded in projecting himself as Vikash Purush. But for any rational thinkers, Nitish was nowhere near what Bihar wanted from him as real development. Development of rural roads may be unique for Biharis but it has happened all over India. Growth went higher on very poor base value of 15 years of Lalu Raj. Nitish failed in creating jobs for the Biharis and higher education facilities for young boys and girls. With no skill imparted to them, a Bihari migrate only for working as menial worker from Kashmir to Kerala and Kuchh to Kolkata. Migration for higher education increased the cost of higher education for the parents. Many sell even their landed property for this. But still Nitish has better image as he with full assistance from BJP improved law and order. However, Nitish couldn’t do any thing with the rampant corruption in Bihar. It has, as some say, has increased. The win of Nitish will come only from the emotional and social unity of backward caste and will serve to satisfy their ego, but enmity between the castes will increase. It will certainly create internal bitterness with the centre that will be harmful for the state. Nitish may win but Bihar will be a great looser. With win for NDA, Biharis will be getting one more chance, though without a tested leader, for effective development with full support of the centre.
Today I wrote a letter to The editor, India Express:
Dear Editor,
You have published an article by Tejshwi Yadav, the son of Lalu Prasad. I shall like to know if the article has been really written by Tejshwi. Please let me know.
I am from Bihar and a graduate of IIT, Kharagpur 1961 batch. I shall be obliged if you let me have the truth.
Indra Roy Sharma
Mr. Nitish Kumar! Your model of progress can keep Bihar only as the last ranked state in all parameters, as you can’t give land,nor change labour laws neither you have any grand plans to create jobs or skilling Biharis for already available better jobs that can change their lives to better ones. For you education is a cycle, going to the school for midday meal, not acquiring knowledge and skill for students and a subsisted employment for teachers. Your statement “….Bihar will progress on its own efforts…” shows your arrogance. You would have taken help from one and all, if it aids to the progress of the state, and that’s what get reflected when you say, “…..What will these outsiders do? I want to ask you a question, who will take Bihar forward, Bihari or bahari?….” None of the political alliance after they win will impose outsider to take the top chair of Bihar. It will be only one Bihari who is contesting the election. Please be ethical enough and don’t mislead innocent and honest Biharis. Don’t be under a misperception that you are the only Bihari who has been born to take Bihar forward. “If a Bihari is to take Bihar forward, then a real Bihari is here before you. We don’t need any of these ahari-bahari. Say goodbye to all these outsiders…” Can you explain how are you a real Bihari, and Sushil Modi, Pappu Yadav, Jitan Manjhi, Paswan and Ram Kripal Yadav are not?
Litti Pe Charcha: I am excited with these entries on my tag line. It seems this wonderful endeavour of young Biharis, particularly the NRIs has come for the first time. Will it integrate the NRI Biharis in the foreign lands? As I have experienced Biharis outside desist from identifying themselves as Biharis unlike Andhraites or Punjabis. I wish I am proved wrong faster. The reported widespread popularity of Litti Pe Charcha must get expanded to give the state a good brand image. As reported,”NRI Biharis met at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, Times Square, New York city, Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California under the aegis of ‘Litti pe Charcha’ -to discuss the presently ongoing election in Bihar. However, it appears persons from so-called backward group were not participating in the Charchas. I wish my conclusion be wrong.
Moreover, I would have loved to see some Bihari entrepreneur developing Litti-Chokha as cuisine acceptable to Indians of other states and to foreigners too, as many Mexican food outlets such Chipotle, Chuy. Unfortunately, because of very poor quality of education system in the states such as Bihar, there is hardly any significant presence of innovative entrepreneurship among Biharis, though many have done great in administrative assignments. I hope one day I will order my Litti-Chokha on line and enjoy the same at home in Noida.


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