An Open Letter to Chairman, Noida Authority

Dear Mr. Rama Raman
Chairman and CEO, Noida Authority

Dear Sir,

Sub: Meghdootam Park- Some Suggestions Based on Views of Residents around it

Noida Authirity must endeavour to make Meghdootam Park a model park with world class facilities that include the toilets too. It must become a topmost landmark for Noida and must be good enough to attract all the first time visitors/tourists to Noida to come to Meghdootam Park and to enjoy its uniqueness. As it seems, the development work suddenly stopped as the Mayawati Raj ended. Few suggestions are here:

1. It must create a light and sound programme based on the theme of Kalidas’ ‘Meghdootam’ to be shown once in the week to start with. Music system must also play some times both the Sanskrit, Hindi audio of Meghdootam besides playing the best of the bhajans of all Indian languages or its tunes instead of one that is played now which are perhaps by local artists. Instrumental music will always remain secular. The music system must be extended through all along the outer and inner tracks. The amphitheatre must organise dance drama/show on Meghdootam.

2. An officer must be appointed to oversee this park work in Noida Authority for cleanliness, may be a common one that may include the RWA Centre/Club near by. There are two already built structures on the two sides of the main gate that were perhaps to have Meghdootam Park inscribed in English and Hindi. It should be completed nicely. All milestone slabs on walking jogging tracks must bear the distance it is supposed to give. Tacks must get regularly maintained to avoid accidental injury to senior citizens who extensively use it.

3. The park should have a rose/ Dalia garden and a corner with exotic and medicinal plants integrated in it. NA must build a separate small structure in one corner for store instead of using a toilet complex as store. All along the boundary wall, plantations of Saigoon and sheesam trees can give commercial sustenance. Presently, the dense trees near the boundary wall are the only measure to save the walkers from the smoke and emission belt he’d by the diesel generators in different housing complexes on the periphery. The park may install and integrate a bio-manure setup in one corner to use the leaves and grasses for its use or sale.

4. The covered trash bins are either maintained and kept covered or removed all together. All the covers of electrical panels must remain closed. The benches and dust bins or for that matter, every accessories of the park must get standardised by now and should not change with a tender with a new engineer-in-chief or CEO. Solar panels installed in suitable places aesthetically can generate the power required.

5. The water falls must run at least on the two days in a week. All the housing associations around the park must have water harvesting system feeding the park after recycling, if required.

6. All roads and roadside filth around the great park must get removed more frequently, and the temporary structures of the vendors demolished by police or NA in actions against unauthorised structures, must be removed.

7. The frontage of the park must not have any more super structure. It should remain vacant and green with plants or be used as ground for kids for playing instead of the park premises being used for practising football or cricket. All roads from the different housing complexes leading to the park must have senior citizens friendly well maintained foot paths.the frontage should also remain lighted up to late in the evening. And the adjoining parking facility must be suitably assessed to and from the main entrance. Presently, all the vehicles are parked on the road in front of the gate.

8. Let NA appoint a professional Indian consultant to come out and implement the action plan to take Meghdootam Park to a Kalidas theme-based global class park. Some islands inside may have sculptures representing the different classics of Kalidas or the different places mentioned in Meghdootam.

Finally, we may suggest that if Noida Authority wishes so it can levy an entry fee or issue a membership card at a cost to make the proposition a commercial success and to avoid the damage pilferage or creation of filth by the visitors with negative mindset.

A global class park such as Meghdootam will enhance the brand image of Noida and NA. Please leave back this legacy for posterity.

With a great hope

Indra R Sharma, of IIT, Kharagpur 1961 batch, 75 + years

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