Manufacturing India: Expectation from NaMo

It is good that finally NaMo is the prime ministerial candidate of the main opposition group of the country. Many in the country wish him to bring a victory for the NDA, the alliance group. If the major minority community doesn’t become partisan and vote in the interest of the country, NaMo may get an opportunity for changing the course of this country and may get a chance to bring back the past glory of the country and more so the growth.

Many have expressed their varying views and counter views about the possibility of getting NaMo on the national stage.

Some are critical too, as I could see in a debate on NDTV channel. But I only wish the leaders of the major minority community change their mind and appreciate that India is also the homeland of a large number of other minority community too and learn from them.

I feel pity for some political outfits and their leader, particularly Nitish Kumar. His opposition of Modi rather his every statement after the breakup with BJP is just opportunistic and so shallow. How does he justify the expenses from the taxpayers money on his advisor, Pawan Kumar Verma to just attend the debates and discussions on TV channels? How is Bihar getting benefitted out of that?

What I wish from this change is the total overhaul of the new government priority about taking the country in the manufacturing in big way and that too in every areas from high-end to low-end of technologies.

India must produce, compete and export everything that the people all over the world need. And more importantly, it stops importing items that are not essential copying what the so called developed countries has done. It must stop exporting its raw materials such as cotton, iron ores or anything where a larger value additions is possible before export. However, it must export in time rather than allowing rotting of the food produces, be it grains, vegetables, milk or fruits.

The country must put good education from primary to post Ph.D levels and right skilling of all the working population as its top priority. It must work for the conservation of the resources, for improving the productivity, and for effective interaction between the industry and academics.

Whatever I wish may be utopian, but how can the present way of running the government machinery be justified. Why should not India be the best place for doing business? Why should not there be a numerical target instead of allocation of certain amount of money for different projects? Why should there be no accountability built in the system?

Why can’t India be comparable to the other developed countries in five years time frame or in a decade in at least few basic things? Why can’t India build some global brands? Why can’t some 10 Indian universities be in the list of globally best ones?

Will NaMo present a dream to the people of the country that makes him different?

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