Nitish Kumar out of NDA -an overview

I am sorry for the future of Bihar once Nitish walks out of NDA alliance. Nitish had been working overtime to build his sole image and to be independent one day. He has done that.

Nitish hardly bothered about the well beings of Mushahars or Muslims. His extensive yatras were not to educate the people in making Bihar exemplary with growth to take out the maximum mass from extreme poverty to a better living standard, but to keep his election campaign a permanent feature of his governance and policies to win election and to be in power.

Can Nitish answer why not the name of a single college of the state appear in any study appearing in media about the better ranked colleges of India? Why does anyone from other states not like to take admission in any of the state’s college? How is today UP having more than 600 professional colleges of engineering, management and even medicines? And Biharis in lakhs even today move to different states for higher education. The government schools of the state from primary to high schools hardly impart any education, and who but the lower deprived classes are falling behind.

I think Nitish Kumar made two biggest mistakes as a minimum of decency expected out of a so called good man in dealing with a chief minister of an important state. How can any one stop entry of a person from campaigning in any state of the country ?Does Nitish own Bihar through any inheritance deed? How can he publicly ask BJP leaders to announce that Modi will not be BJP’s PM candidate? His demands were unethical. Nitish is no less dictatorial than Modi. Modi is much more a representative of Adam aadami of India with his background. Does Nitish envy Modi as he is from a backward caste, son of a tea stall owner even though not an engineer by qualification, but with much bigger and popular image among the people of India?

With the breakup from NDA, Nitish has done the immense damage to Bihar. The next election will not be that easy for Nitish Kumar. And the losers will be the people of Bihar. I wish the people of Bihar could have some alternatives.

I don’t know how Nitish will react if, by some chance, the people of India elect and make Modi the prime minister of India

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