Happy Vijoya Arvind!

The festivity season is really making morose with some or the other revelations almost every day but with a little hope too. I am happy and so must be many that the awareness against the misdeeds of the greedy and shameless politicians and their coteries are coming out in public by at the activists and the media. It also surprises when one finds now everyone talking on TV claiming to know about it. According to them, the material produced by Kejriwal or YP Singh was already available in public domain.
Arvind Kejriwal is certainly the main hero and perhaps has a good dedicated team of well-wishers and friends with the common cause to declare war against the present political system that has caused the dynasties to grow all over the country where rulers can’t be questioned, mango people are just vote banks. The rulers and the crowd of loyal sycophants around do everything to keep themselves in or with power. .
Giving up the route of fasting for getting the corruption curbed by having a good Lokpal Bill after failing because of the crookedness of the present political system, Arvind tries to venture in direct politics with a plan to form one political party with a real difference.

It seems there is a lot of hope among many people from Kejriwal and his team, though almost equal number is there in the camp that is skeptic about his new route and role.
Both- ‘India Today’ and ‘Outlook’ this week has Arvind on its cover page. India Today has cover story ‘Why Everyone Is Afraid of Arvin Kejriwal: Kejriwal exposes the hollowness of existing mainstream political parties.

And the ‘Outlook’ captions its story as ‘Arvind Kejriwal Aam Army’Arvind Kejriwal is certainly kicking up a storm. But will the whirlwind translate into political reform? It has few more articles too in the issue. Main political parties including some regional ones such as SP and RJD still claim Kejriwal to be a media creation.

Surprisingly some very old and learned person such as the former director of IIT,Madras PV Indiresan wish Arvind to go beyond corruption and even he brings the name of Mahatma. “Almost a hundred years ago, a certain Mr Gandhi appeared in India from South Africa. Within a few years, he had become known as the Mahatma. Now, we have Arvind Kejriwal, who is possibly even more ardent. The two were about the same age when they appeared on the political scene. Mahatma Gandhi had Gopal Krishna Gokhale as his advisor and Anna Hazare has probably launched Kejriwal in a like manner.”

R Sukumar in ‘Live Mint’ sees Kejriwal as India’s Julian Assange; only unlike Assange’s strong anti-system objectives, his own are somewhere between highlighting the gaps in people managing the current system and presenting himself as an objective. Wikileaks was built around the documents it leaked and Kejriwal has stressed, more than once, that there are a large number of documents that IAC has received (and continues to receive).’

Outlook’s main article says: http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?282658 ‘This is the mango man who has become a real irritant for the system in New Delhi. In political terms, he may well have inflicted serious damage to the Congress’s already dented image with the Robert Vadra charges and started a debate within the RSS-BJP on how advisable it is to give president Nitin Gadkari a second term in December.’

However, I shall like Kejriwal to appreciate the advices of David Lalmalsawma.

Many unscrupulous ones as usual will create huge obstructions for him. The existing players both in power and opposition will never like his rise. Sycophants of dynasties ruling the country will plant their own men to spy and defame him. Even his own men may walk away and try to damage his image questionable and difficult as it has already started. All that will test his tenacity.

However, I would have liked him to create a large base at village level. Rural India needs education for taking the social responsibility to have equitable development. Every village must have a five years plan and perhaps a website to help it. Education must not only be free it must be compulsory. Restoring the healthy life style and preventive health care is as much required as the modern curative medical facilities. Incorporation of informal skill training and imparting farm related knowledge for all those who will work on field and remain in the villages. Perhaps Kejriwal could integrate all the members of SHGs. I wished Kejriwal will be practical. Some way he must develop the respectability among the aam aadami beyond those who can receive his SMSs.

I am sure when Arvind has endeavoured to set up a political party, he will use his knowledge of engineering management such as FMEA, QFA, and quality engineering to design a robust political party.

I shall also request Arvind to be soft speaking but firm in attacking his opponents keeping his emotional gushes in control.

Let Mother Durga give Arvind the strength to fight the demons.

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