A Passive Prime Minister

How can a person be so passive and that too when he is the prime minister of billion plus people?

BK Syngal is from my own batch from IIT, Kharagpur whom I met few months back in Bangalore during a reunion meet of our batch. BK has written a column in Financial Express about the ISRO scam and ‘the wrong impression created in the media and the knee-jerk response of the government system thereafter, leading to blacklisting scientists whom the nation owes a debt of gratitude to, and without even giving them a fair hearing.’ And he has all the desired credential to come to that conclusion. After getting an unprecedented 2G scam undergone his prime ministership, Manmohan has become over sensitive to create chaos. Manmohan could have certainly called Madhawan Nair and other scientists along with the present head of ISRO and understood the story fully rather than taking action on basis of a committee report. How can a prime minister remain so passive when Madhavan Nair had been writing so many letters and appealing to him about the injustice done?

Next example of his passivity is the custody of the children of Indian parents in Norway. How respected nations tolerate such humiliation and torture of its citizens? But perhaps Manmohan hardly bothers about the honour of the nation and its people. Why can’t India threaten Norway and break the diplomatic relations with it if necessary? How would he have reacted if it would have happened with his grandchildren? Perhaps Manmohan has reached an age where passivity is but the norms, and so he must leave the chair who can govern. But he is shameless and will continue till he is pulled out.

The Prime Minister remarks that the protests against Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP) funded by NGOs based in the US and Scandinavian countries, was unnecessary and will hardly ease the situation. Perhaps, Manmohan is sort of good advisors as well as efficient troubleshooters. Manmohan would have taken the main political parties on his side and have used the process of dialogue and consensus building with key players to sort out the issue that is technical and related to the developmental goals of the country.

And finally the extreme example his passive approach comes from a direction from Supreme Court in which it asks the Centre to implement the ambitious interlinking of rivers project in a time-bound manner and appointed a high-powered committee for its planning and implementation. How mean it was for Manmohan to drop river interlinking project as soon as he took ever as PM just because the river interlinking project was the brainchild of the NDA government. Atal Bihari Vajpayee had formed a task force to get the project going against the backdrop of the acute drought that year

And the one scheme that could have changed the face of Bundelkhand was the interlinking of the Ken and the Betwa, two rivers in the same Yamuna basin, that became a casualty of the UPA’s early phase of unquestioned environmental activism, in spite of the fact that the three riparian states, UP, MP and Rajasthan, had already signed an agreement on it

How can a person such as Manmohan head a country as big and as varied as India? Why should Sonia keep on imposing such an inert person on the country? But how does it affect her personally? She needs a dummy and he is one.

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