Manmohan Losing Lustre

Sonia Gandhi had to undertake the arduous task of mediating between Chidambaram and Pranab at wrong time when she is still convalescing from a surgery. Both are the part of administration where Manmohan Singh is boss.

What sort of Prime Minister is Manmohan if he can’t manage two stalwarts of his own cabinet? Could not Manmohan postpone the visit to earthquake affected Sikkim for a day when bringing the truce between Chidambaram and Pranab was so urgent? Doesn’t the image of the country get tarnished with so senior ministers fighting? Have any of them got his image enhanced because of the ego war? Why was Manmohan not proactive in stopping it or does the infighting help him keeping his chair in tact?

One can very well understand when Sonia handles the party men or the alliance to assist Manmohan. Why did then Manmohan not try to get the statement from Pranab what Sonia could get? Actually the note of Pranab implicates even Manmohan. Manmohan couldn’t have convinced Pranab to do that. Pranab had been Manmohan’s boss and even today he is defacto Prime Minister. Chidambaram is a better subordinate towing Manmohan’s line. So Manmohan requested Sonia to help him, which she did by calling Pranab, discussing the subject in presence of Antony and Patel and almost ordering for a truce as soon as possible And Manmohan made himself unavailable by visiting Sikkim. The two warring ministers met him in end only for a formality.

How can Manmohan escape the fallout of 2G scandal when he was informed at every stage? Moreover, as the head of the government Manmohan would have taken the responsibly of so huge a loss to the nation because of corrupt means used, and as clear from the note prepared by so many of the ministries together after so many meetings.

As clear from the body language of the cabinet ministers, there seems to be intense internal politics in the cabinet ministers some siding with Prime Minister against Pranab who would have been a better alternative to Manmohan at this stage in the national interest.

Unfortunately Sonia Gandhi is still not ready to accept the end of ineffective Manmohan regime for a change, as Rahul is not ready.

Manmohan, on his own will not like to exit? Why should he sacrifice himself for someone to replace? After all Manmohan is working for some sort of record? But should Manmohan be compared with other Prime Ministers of the country? He can’t not be called anything but a CEO appointed by the largest party chief.

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