Modi and Bihar’s Leaders

As far as I know, Modi has never expressed his wishes for becoming the prime minister. Neither his party has declared his candidature for the high post. Why are then the political leaders of all hue and cry have come out with all the weapons against Modi? One could expect nothing but the opposition on this notional issue from Congress, but why should Shriman Yechury of CPM be so hasty to write against Modi’s fast? But I feel just pity when the so-called sycophants of Nitish vomit venoms against Modi? Has Gujarat deported any Muslim poor from Bihar who has gone to Gujarat for earning his livelihood? JD (U) and Nitish Kumar had already insulted Modi against all norms of decency from a chief minister to a chief minister just for keeping the opinion makers of a vote bank satisfied.

Why can’t the leaders like Sharad, Sadanand, Lalu and Ram Bilash keep their mouths shut on national issues? Whenever, they speak, be it in Parliament on Anna’s fast or now about Modi’s fast in Ahmedabad, they annoy others unnecessarily. It only harms the people of Bihar. None of them could build institutes of higher education or created jobs in Bihar. The people of Bihar today go all around the country for higher education and in search of jobs. Bihar no more contributes in the polity of the country. In none of the political parties, the leaders from Bihar hold responsible position neither are they respected for some serious inputs as Rajendra Prasad or Jai Prakash Narayan and to a certain extent Babu Jagjivan Ram were treated. The people all over the country as well as the intellectuals respected them and gave weightage to their views.

What right the present politicians of Bihar have to speak against Modi who has provided thousands of Biharis employment in his state? Perhaps, it is because of the presence of the people of Bihar in labour force in Bihar that Ram Bilash plans to contest all the seats in assembly election of Gujarat next year. Is it not a mockery of democracy for a person who couldn’t get elected in his own state using all his resources and who has hardly any member of his party in the assembly of Bihar? Who is going to finance his election expenditure? Why should not election commission stop a blanket ban on such endeavours?

What has Sharad Yadav done himself to improve the lot of poor people of his own state, his own district and even of his own village to express so much concern such as “Half the population in India does not get a single decent meal a day.”

What is the credential of Sivanand Tiwari to judge Modi about his Rajdharma, once the party don’t care to abide by the Alliance=dharma?

I wish the leaders to focus on the real development work in Bihar where 80% of the population still lives in villages in pitiable condition, with no healthcare, sanitation and electricity. The state must improve the quality of higher education and bring its colleges, universities up to a respectable level in imparting knowledge and researches and shun to be known only for having caste clashes, when the students of other states start coming for studies in Bihar. Let the state ensure that whatever big named institutes are coming up reach the same level of excellence as their counterparts in other states by providing all the infrastructure and facilities.

How can these leaders talk so big when they can’t provide even the minimum facilities for the Hindu Indians coming from all over the world in Pitri-paksha to Gaya? Many a times, it appears perhaps the government is afraid of taking any such initiative to keep its secular character intact.

How many of these leaders have transformed even their own village and made the quality of living there better?

Even Nitish Kumar must be bold enough to take non partisan approaches. Who stops him from taking steps that ensures education to 100% of the minority children? Can his government take this challenge and make the state a unique one?

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