‘Strong and Effective’ Lokpal

As expected the all party meeting called by the government to come to a consensus on Lokpal Bill failed. Naturally three hours were not good enough. But one can easily conclude few things out of the Sunday meeting.

There was a consensus on making Lokpal effective and strong.

The prime minister, his party and the government agreed that the bill must be robust enough to make Lokpal effective and strong to deter persons from corruption.

The opposition in all party meeting rightly had expected a final draft from the government, after its minister spent so much of time with the members of civil society that it intends to present in parliament in the monsoon session. However the government didn’t do that it instead presented both versions.

Perhaps now the government will prepare its final version and get it through the cabinet before putting into the parliament. The country men will come to know at that time if the government has yielded to the demand of the Anna team. Further the people will come to know only then if it really intends to create a strong and effective Lokpal.

Naturally, the debate in parliament will be fierce. However, the final result will reveal if the parliament realizes the rage of the people against the politicians and administrators or those in powerful position. Will the potential corrupt be fearful of the Lokpal that the parliament created or will they continue in the corrupt way as they are doing it now?

One thing is clear that the whole exercise of the series of meetings with the members of civil society was just a waste, as the government never wanted to give any respect to their ideas. The way the government pumped them up made all the political parties go against the civil society. It’s really bad for future. The civil society could be of a great help in more important bills such as Land Acquisition Bill or even making Food security Bill effectively implemented.

Unfortunately, right from day one, the government of Congress is biased against the Anna’s team and has branded it allied with RSS and BJP. Even if they are, there is nothing wrong in hearing them if they have some better ideas in the interest of the nation. After all we claim India as democratic country.

The government and opposition have only agreed to take up the bill in monsoon session. It would have also decided a time frame to get it implemented. I doubt. It may take many more months if not years.

Next, will Anna go for the fast and will it matter now anymore? Anna and his men will have to go to the people if the bill presented by the government is not with the right mission to eliminate corruption, and if the politicians show any inkling of perpetuating their power to manage all the bills

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