Childhood Crisis in Capital

Now there is an overwhelming opinion against the image of Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. Many letters are circulating through e-mails. Face book, twitters and other social networking sites are full with it. I have written about my agony against his failures earlier too. I am morose as I expected a technocrat who had saved the economy of India in 1990s, at least that’s what most of the columnists and economists proclaim, to bring about some sustainable changes in the system without much getting into politics.

I have three parameters that could have been solved or significantly improved in last six years of Manmohan rules.
Manmohan could have put a better project monitoring in place that could have saved thousands of crore going down the drain because of delay in implementation. Basic infrastructures, be it road, electricity, railways, port provide plenty of the examples. India could build a world class airport in 34 months but not a single railway station in last six years.

The farmers all over the country worked hard and intelligently and have improved production of food grains. However, the government failed to take up major irrigation projects to reduce significantly the dependence on the good monsoon. Finance Ministers have only kept on praying rain god, who have obliged. More importantly Manmohan Singh failed to get created safe storage facilities in last six years and the food grains under government control are still stored in gunny bags covered by a tarpaulin on railway platform and rot in poorly managed godowns.

But more importantly Manmohan has failed to be humane or make his ministers humane. Almost all the ministers, MPs and bureaucrats live for most of the years in capital New Delhi, everyone had gone blind. Otherwise how can they not see 51,000 street children in Delhi; 20% are girls. How can with all the Bharat Nirvan Schemes and sarv siksha aviyan, 50.5% of these street children remain illiterate, 67% are to earn for living, 20% are ragpickers, 15.8% are working for street vendors and 155 are living on begging. Furthermore, over 50% have suffered verbal, physical or sexual abuse. Why should not Nandan Nilekani’s ADHAR provide a card to these street children on priority for getting the benefits of the schemes in plenty?

Would not Manmohan, the economist and his gang have done something visible to remove these national maladies? Why the NGOs, opposition parties or the rich temple foundation fail to see these?

How can Manmohan escape from his responsibility and accountability against these failures?

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