Pigmy Prime Minister

I was listening to prime minister Man Mohan Singh reply to the question regarding the appointment of tainted Thomas as CVC and clarifications as well promise demanded for building a fool-proof system so that the error does not get repeated on Tuesday Nov 8 in Rajya Sabha.

Man Mohan took the responsibility of the error. But how can that be sufficient? How can Man Mohan be excused by just a statement: “Until I went to the meeting of the selection committee, I was not aware there was any such case of Palmolein and that would involve corruption? I became aware of this case only when the honourable Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha (Sushma Swaraj) raised the issue in the meeting.” Man Mohan was going to attend a meeting as head of the government for deciding a very important appointment. How can the country afford a prime minister who doesn’t prepare and collect information about the subject or persons involved?

Why did Man Mohan not reply to Jaitley’s question- “Why did the government persist that it was Mr. Thomas and Thomas alone who could be appointed and not any of the other two who had a cleaner record? Was it possible to have two views on the subject when the choice was between a chargesheeted official and those with a clean record?”

Why did Man Mohan maintain stony silence and kept on sitting? I felt ashamed for him? Man Mohan compares himself with Pandit Nehru and others. Why should remain as lame duck or proxy prime minister and cause damage to the image of democracy and its people?

And it is not limited to this one issue. Let us look at the next issue where the Supreme asked the Centre to consider invoking anti-terror and other stringent laws against alleged black money offender Hasan Ali Khan over his purported links with arms dealers and terror-related activities. What was the Man Mohan doing all the time with all the investigating and intelligence departments of the government working for him? How long the people of India keep on showing their generosity by overlooking all his errors and negligence of the governance?

But as reported, a DoPT note shows PM knew of charge against ThomasIt appears Man Mohan is shielding someone. Who is he or she?

But surprisingly still all the media and the countries’ intelligentsia is quiet.

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