Election, Manifesto and Outcome

It was nice to see a ‘People’s Manifesto’ for the forthcoming assembly election in Bihar. It was a great initiative from Bihartimes.com, but I wish the editor makes it of greater value by involving some non-political well-wishers of the state, particularly technocrats.

I had been writing about what Bihar must prioritize for long on my blog. However, I didn’t shape all that is needed in manifesto. I wish the non-political People’s Manifesto is prepared in simple language of the people and put in the hands of each and every voter. Let the people ask the candidate if they agree to that manifesto and decide the candidate. The candidate must also answer to one more question of the people: “Will you resign on your own if you fail to serve us?”

I had great hope from the students in higher education of Bihar. Unfortunately, the way they behave and follow all wrong means to get themselves educated and equipped with a paper called certificate or degree don’t leave any hope for that. Unfortunately, for any protest they follow all wrong examples from West Bengal, besides taking political patronage of political parties with caste leaders heading them.

However, imparting the quality education to all the children of all communities, practical education for adults farmers, particularly women and skilling them at least in one or more to help them additional earning before they get employed or decide to migrate must be a single focus for any government, new or the incumbent that takes over this unfortunate state with a great history. Let the education be the one point manifesto for all the parties. Even if the state remains dependent on other states and metros for the higher education of its children, the state government must do everything to remove all the weaknesses of the present system of education, particularly in rural region seeking all help from all corners, rich individuals, private companies, educational trusts and all NGOs involved in education sector.

However, who will ensure the outcome of the expenditure made on the education sector? Who can assure the effectiveness of the midday meal or the accountability of the teachers? I wonder how the parents and educated lot in the rural Bihar keep itself so much impertinent about the future of its Next Generation. Will ‘Aam Adami’ be able to transform the mindset of the political leaders in the coming election? Will the next government make Bihar and its people more proud lot?

Let the people of so-called forward caste not bother about Lalu’s manifesto or prophecy of not allowing any one out of them a CM of Bihar, but all sane persons of Bihar expect the end of caste and community as the basis for voting a candidate. Let an honest and qualified candidate with zeal to perform must get the votes and win. Let the people of Bihar prove all who think otherwise wrong once forever.

Unfortunately, though I wished to be in Bihar in this election to see it from nearer quarter, it will not be possible. I shall be in US during the period. But I shall be eagerly watching what goes on.
PS: Will people of each constituency of Bihar ask the candidate to set up a science college, and an ITI in a time frame of a maximum of four years? Can the voters demand upgradation of every high school in rural Bihar to have facilities of education up to class XII so that girl students could complete their pre-professional education?

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