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When I wrote about CWG and questioned about the number of new crorepatis that it created, I never knew that corruption in the affairs are do deep. It was just an intelligent question based on working of the people in country in almost every field of activities. But when I go through the recent media reports, I see my prophecies were pretty on the right line.

Here is at least one report:

Television channels reported that over 4.50 lakh pounds were transferred through a British bank to the AM Films company, said to be a one man show, which was also receiving 25,000 pounds a month.

The Enforcement Directorate has launched a probe into the money trail, on a request from UK tax authorities.

Still I wish that all these reports would not have appeared at this point of time. It creates a bad image of the country on threshold of becoming a super economy. But perhaps the bigger an economy is in a democratic country, the more widespread is the corruption.

No country is corruption free, but ours is the worst in the lot. How much depressing can be a TV report that provides visual and audio evidences of defence organization and its officers planning a scam for getting a price Rs 6400 for Rs 6 radiator caps?

But for a commoner it is difficult to know the truth.

Can the reports from the media or an investigating agency such as CBI or from even a highly rated foreign agency be considered trustworthy today? Many a times it appears that today every one works for keeping the important person that matters to him happy even at the cost to the nation.

The unscrupulous ones have already played the mischievous Game to misuse the Common Wealth to add to their fortune and the country were never come to know of it.

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