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It is almost five years that I am regularly posting my views through informative inputs on This is the only activity that keeps me busy. I can only say that as usual I am honest to this work too. In recent time, I received few mails that really touched me. While one of the first mail is about my blog that appeared also on, the rest three are about ‘my writings’ that are available on my site I wish to share them:

I.R Sharma
Bihar Times

Dear I.R Sharma,

You wrote an article entitled ” Media and Politicians! Fight against Caste and Communal Forces ” appeared on “08/04/2009 ” in ” Bihar Times ” / viewed on the website ””

The topic of your journalistic work meets precisely the themes defended by the Lorenzo Natali Prize ! This prize, launched by the European Commission rewards journalists committed to Human Rights, Democracy and Development. Initially set for the written and online press, the Lorenzo Natali Prize has opened up last year to journalists from the radio and TV. The prize applies to journalists working for local media in one of the five following regions: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Arab World and the Middle East.

Therefore, we invite you to apply to the Lorenzo Natali Prize 2009. You can either:

– Submit your application directly online on the website:

– Agree formally that we can register your application. You will then need to send us all required informations necessary to your application as specified in the Lorenzo Natali Prize 2009 rules. Please send an email with your full contact as well as that of the media which broadcasted your work to: You will be contacted shortly after. To make your registration easier,please , fill up the application form in attached file and send it back to us soon as possible with your choosen article. Do not forget to click on the electronic signature and directly get your ID Number on the right corner up after filling the form.

Each applicant can present ONE journalistic work or ONE extract of a journalistic work published or aired between January 1st 2008 and June 15th 2009.

The reception deadline of the journalistic works is fixed on July 31st 2009.

All the award winners of the Lorenzo Natali Prize will be the special guests of the European Commission in Stockholm in October 2009. An award-giving ceremony will be held in their honour in the presence of the European Commissioner responsible for development and humanitarian aid during the 2009 European Development Days, a very high-level political event (

Overall 60,000 € of prize will reward the best pieces of work.

Dear journalist, we thank you for entering this prize.

Best Regards

Lorenzo Natali Prize 2009 Team Member

PLN09_Entry Form_EN.xls
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From: Jasminder Dureja
Date: Jun 23, 2009 12:59 PM
Subject: Publishing details of book”LATEST TRENDS IN MACHINING”
To: “”
Respected Sir

Subject: Information about publishing details of your book titled ‘LATEST TRENDS IN MACHINING’

I am doing Phd in Mechanical Engg.on the topic” PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF CUTTING TOOLS FOR HARD TO MACHINE TOOL STEELS” under the supervision of Dr. Vishal Sharma(Asst. Professor N.I.T. Jalandhar) and Dr. V.K.Gupta(Reader Univ. College of Engg.,Punjabi Univ. Patiala).

I have completed experimental and analysis of results parts of my research work. I am now writing thesis report.

I have referred your above mentioned book ( specially Section 3 and 4) . I need name of publisher, year of publication for your most useful book.

I would be obliged if you provide the required details at the earliest.

with regards
Jasminder Singh Dureja
Lecturer Mech. Engg.
University College of

Haeusel, Markus

Dear Indra,

I (German student of mechanical engineering) found in the internet your interesting homepage with your writings. Especially the body welding, the painting and the final assembly is very interesting.

Are these publications also available in a book. Or are they part of a publication, that is available for order?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Markus Haeusel

Pawel Kosicki

Dear Mr. Sharma,

I am student at the University of Toronto and am doing a project on automotive final assembly for my final project. I came across your blog and your chapters on automobile manufacturing will be of great help to me. I was just wondering if you might have some links, references or other resources which you used in the writing of the book (especially of chapters 6, 7 and 8) and which I might be able to use to gain a more in-depth understand of the subject matter contained therein.

Thank you sincerely for any help you might be able to provide,
Pawel Kosicki

It gives me immense pleasure that some few are using whatever I wrote either for sharing my knowledge from my professional career or to keep myself engaged at this age of 70. I also wished to provide advices to the organizations, which could have used it more effectively, but I didn’t find many honest knowledge seekers.
But I believe, ‘they also serve who stand and wait’.

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