PM’s Belated Reactions on Singur

(On Board PM’s Special Aircraft): With the row over Tata’s Nano car project in Singur eluding a solution, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said it is in the interest of West Bengal and India that the issue is resolved “satisfactorily.”

I found the above news report today. It is unfortunate that the reputable economist PM always reacts very late on every issue of national interest. It also happened in Indo-Nuclear Deal. Why can’t he take timely action? Who stops him from timely intervention?

Nanos got applause from world over for its uniqueness. Tata Motors with exemplary support from the West Bengal government did its best to construct the plant in record time. The whole country was eagerly waiting to see Nanos with domestic consumers in this festival month. And then Mamta appeared right out side the factory gate at Singur like Sursha for Hanuman. Tata had to stop the work and move out. Today, it is not known when Nanos will be seen in the showrooms of Tata Motors. Why can’t Mamta and all the politicians appreciate that the production of a new car at large scale with global marketing potential is not something like organizing a Durga Puja in a new location?

Man Mohan Singh could have certainly intervened right at initial stage and impressed on Mamta to get out of the course. And I am sure if he could find an Amar Singh to get the Deal through in the parliament, he could have used him or some other Amar to get the Nano Project through too.

I, for one can’t appreciate the indifference of the PM in intervening in the total chaos in the industrial sectors, be it Orissa, Haryana, or Maharashtra, where almost all the promised investments have gone in ‘freeze-mode’ with no progress in last four years he is in chair.

His comments on Singur appears too be very formal.

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